Author Services

Please note: Author services are for writers who don't want to publish with us, but still want to take advantage of our expertise.

Beta Reading —  $25 + $1 for every 1000 words

Please contact us to see if we are available to beta read your manuscript.

Cover Design — $80 per cover.

Your book's front cover is a deciding factor in whether readers will purchase your book or not.

By following a checklist of more than 450 items, a professional designer plans the layout, general concept, and how it is represented. Make sure your cover meets minimum industry standards, with all necessary elements for global distribution and manufacturing. Having a great cover design is one of the most critical aspects of publishing a book.


If your cover looks unprofessional, you will lose sales. Don't make that mistake!

Click here to learn more about cover design.

Editing & Proofreading

Our extensive editing service includes comprehensive editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading. 


All four are integral steps of the publishing process. We examine your manuscript from all sides and explore how the text communicates your intended theme and idea, which can ultimately mean the difference between an average self-published novel that gets lost in the crowd, and a professional best-selling book.


Let us improve the overall aspect of your work!

Click here to learn more about our editing services and pricing.


5310 Publishing does not sell ISBNs. Click here to learn more about ISBNs and why you shouldn't be paying for one.


5310 Publishing does not offer distribution services à la carte, but distribution is included with traditional publishing.

We publish and distribute books and ebooks to major retailers as well as independent bookstores.

Hundreds of bookstores worldwide, thousands of online retailers.