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Cory Idle

Cory Idle

Sci-fi Military Thriller

Cory Idle is the author of Back to the Hunt, a Sci-fi Military Thriller set to be released in March 2023. He enjoys camping, hiking, and traveling with family and friends when he's not writing.

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About Cory Idle

Cory Idle, an author of fiction and lover of dogs, began his career in entertainment with a role in radio, running the news and sports department. Preferring fiction, Cory started his writing career by utilizing his respect and knowledge of the US Armed Forces and his love of storytelling, instilled in him by his parents.

After readers positively received two short stories, Cory began working on his debut novel, Back to the Hunt, set to be released in March 2023.

Cory enjoys camping, hiking, and traveling with family and friends when he's not writing. He is also a host on Kiss The Reviews on YouTube.

Cory Idle's goal

I do my best to treat people with kindness and respect and hope that spreads. My goal as a writer is to entertain whomever I can for as long as they allow me. If my writing does anything, it serves as a fantastic distraction from the 24 hour cycle of news and social media. I'm getting people to put their phones down [with my books].

When it comes to wanting to change the world, I voice my concerns, largely in defense of the Black Lives Matter movement and equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

About Back to the Hunt

Craig, an ex-soldier, is working as mall security after being discharged from the military… that is until he’s called back. The terms of his last assignment are simple: find and extract a bioweapon, save the townspeople, and get out alive. With a military uprising, the city is under a new leadership, and it isn’t the US Army. Will Craig and his team find the lost biological weapon in time before more innocent people are killed?

Praise for Back to the Hunt

“Exciting from beginning to end!” —Early Reader Review

“A thrilling read.” —Early Reader Review

“Gripped me from the very beginning with authentic characters and engaging language.” —Early Reader Review

Contact Cory Idle

For media inquiries or bulk purchases, please contact 5310 Publishing at contactus@5310publishing.com

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