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About Chelsea Caslie

Chelsea Caslie is an author, reader, and avid video game player who incorporated all of her passions into one project. A perfect day is when she plays video games with her dog next to her. When it comes to video games the longer and more immersive the better and you’d probably find her playing the same games as the main characters from her debut trilogy. Chelsea was born and raised in California and calls the Bay Area her home with her family and dog.

The Fantasia Series is a Sci-fi and Fantasy trilogy composed of Lost in Fantasia, Fatal Reset, and A Broken Game. Please follow @chellycaz on Twitter!

About The Fantasia Series

– Lost in Fantasia (Fantasia Series, Book 1)
When virtual reality takes over, it’s hard to tell the difference between what's real and what's a part of a game. After Tack's partner disappears, infected by a glitch, she is forced to find answers to determine if he is dead or alive. If Tack can’t stop the glitch, she risks more than just losing her partner forever—everything she knows and loves might disappear.

– Fatal Reset (Fantasia Series, Book 2)
Virtual reality has become the only way of life, and no one can tell the difference between what is virtual and what is real. So when a glitch began destroying Tack’s reality, she stood up to save it. Rebelling against her typical intuition and traits, Tack trusts in what she’s told. But when she is confronted with conflicting information regarding the Glitch, she is forced to choose who she trusts enough to fight with. If the only people who understand the Game aren’t giving straight answers, who can Tack trust to help her save the world?

– A Broken Game (Fantasia Series, Book 3)
Virtual reality is a fun escape for everyone… unless you’re forced to participate against your will. When the entire world thrives on augmented reality, how will it survive the destruction of the microchips that made it possible? When Tack confronts the Creator, she must determine what is real, what is a lie, and if any of it matters while she is trying to survive.

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