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Books by Eric Demarest

But I'm Not a Hero
But I'm Not a Hero

High school sophomore Matt Pine never thought he’d be a hero. When a semi-truck smashes into a car right in front of him, and he discovers that the accident was a cover up, Matt and his friends decide to stop anyone else from getting killed.

What others are saying:

Nicole Sorrell, author of The Art of Living Series

When Matt faces trouble in his hometown, the teen and his friends soon find out they’re not losers after all. In this young-adult gem, Demarest creates genuine characters whose loyalty and courage are tested. While doing the right thing isn’t always easy, sometimes it’s even dangerous.”

Early Reader Review

“The characterization of Tess, a non-speaking autistic girl is not only extremely respectful and accurate, but something to be commended as an example as superb representation of a capable autistic individual.”

Fran Borin, author of The Ghost Adventures of Orion O’Brien Series

“A sinister plot that could prove deadly on a grand scale. Matt's not the only one who learns to appreciate a special power. Along the way, they all learn that sometimes a disability is an ability in disguise—it all depends on how you use it.”

Early Reader Review

"A rare story that empowers kids from regular walks of life... Heroes are not just comic book legends defined by their powers, but everyday people who simply do what is right."

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