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Books by Joyce Gee

Magic of Lies
Magic of Lies

Born with magic, Princess Eirian struggles to balance her ability to give life with the desire to kill. Eirian hides her magic until she’s faced with the choice between becoming queen or returning to the mages who raised her. With assassination attempts and rumors of war, Eirian proves to those around her that she is not one to hide from confrontation. Even when it risks her life.

Blood of Husks
Blood of Husks

The Kingdom of Endara is at war and Eirian refuses to be the soft-hearted queen the enemy expects. Among her growing collection of secrets is one that can help turn the tide of battle, even if it means that her people might turn on her. She knows she can buy the precious time needed for reinforcements to arrive, but she will have to break her promises to the ones closest to her.

Grave of Dandelions
Grave of Dandelions

With nightmares clawing at her fragile mind, Eirian embraces the whispers that have followed her for as long as she can remember. In the aftermath of the real enemy revealing herself, Eirian retreats from the allied armies to seek answers. Accompanied by Aiden, Celiaen, and Galameyvin, they are determined to confront the spirit of the last mage and face the dark god seeking their destruction. The price for victory is one that Eirian is willing to pay, even if her friends are not.

What others are saying:

Early Reader Review

“A compelling, well thought out story which leaves you wanting more.”

Alex Williams, editor

“Magic of Lies is fast-paced, witty, and was instantly my new favorite fantasy series. Joyce Gee built a beautifully rich and diverse world. The Altira Series deserves a home on any fantasy lovers’ bookshelf alongside George R.R. Martin, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Sarah J. Maas. With so many enchanting characters, you’ll be rooting for them all. I highly recommend reading it!”

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