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Welcome to the family, K.V. Peck! The Memories Between Us: Love Across Parallel Universes.

THE MEMORIES BETWEEN US: Love Across Parallel Universes, a contemporary time travel romance set in New York City by K.V. Peck.

Joshua is haunted by the memories of all he lost. He doesn’t know who took his wife, crashed her car, killed her, and what their lives could've been. Determined to unbind time to get a second chance, he designs a portal to return to the past.

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The Memories Between Us

The Memories Between Us

What others are saying:

Alex Williams, Editor

“The Memories Between Us isn’t just an extraordinary love story. The lengths Joshua will go to for his lost love, Viv, will have you saying, “Just one more page,” and unable to put it down. K.V. Peck’s attention to detail and how she has written everything to have a purpose or connection have made this a thrilling and fantastic addition to the speculative fiction genre.”

Sandra Scofield, author

“I’m in awe of what Peck has created here—a smart and tightly woven story of holding onto faith and wishes for second chances fraught with uncertainty and the pain of memories others don’t know. The stakes are clear, and we don’t have a clue what is going to happen.”

Danielle DeVor, author of The Marker Chronicles

“The Memories Between Us is one of the most wonderful literary speculative fiction I have read in years. Peck merges science fiction with a splash of romance that reminded me of films like Vivarium.”

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