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Touch of Kindness by R. Loomis. A purple book cover showing bluebonnets and a magical token shaped as various shapes and magic. Young adult teenage fiction contemporary romantic fantasy coming-of-age romance with identity, belonging, self-esteem, self-awareness, and disability representation.

About Touch of Kindness:
Dori Livingston doesn’t want to be anything special. She’s fine staying in the background, helping her friends and supporting her single mom any way she can while living in her small Texas town. That all changes when she meets a strange girl at school who is running away. In true Dori fashion, she welcomes the girl into her home without hesitation. Little does Dori know that in helping this girl she’ll spark a chain of events that will change her life forever.
After showing Dori her ability to influence people with a single touch, Dori is left with more questions than answers. The next day, Dori is captured and taken to the Otherworld, a place full of magic and fantastical creatures. She learns the girl she helped was betrothed to a prince and now Dori must fill the void, marrying His Highness in the girl's stead. Dori’s mission becomes clear: get back home no matter what. However, getting back to the Mortalworld will be harder than she could have ever expected.

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Touch of Kindness

Touch of Kindness

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Early Reader Review

"Magical and entertaining!"

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