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Faithfully Addicted: What happens when love can't happen?
Faithfully Addicted: What happens when love can't happen?

FAITHFULLY ADDICTED is about Harkin, a man who doesn’t believe in love, and Emily, a barista that wants to prove him that love exists, even though she is not ready for a relationship.

Harkin believed that the desire and nature of love have been burned away by convenience, like the dating apps he develops... Working on match-making algorithms for all the top internet compatibility apps, Harkin spent most of his time in a coffee house staring at his laptop, but only until this barista offered him more than just a warm cup of coffee.

Emily wasn’t ready for a relationship, and Harkin never intended to fall in love... When this beautiful woman teased him about finding the love of his life, he never realized she could be "the one."


Holding her in his arms, Harkin would not have believed that a relationship he didn’t know he wanted would prove dangerous to them both.

Emily, a barista, believes in love. She’s been watching Harkin working on his laptop since day one… but she’s not ready for a relationship. Harkin doesn’t believe in love, and he never meant to fall in love with her. What happens when love can’t happen?

What others are saying:

Starred Review

"A touching testimonial about a number of folks with a lot of reasons for grief and anger who work imperfectly to move beyond it."

Starred Review 5/5

"It was an unexpected great read that turned out well to me."

Starred Review 5/5

"It was a great read."

Starred Review 5/5

"Good Clean Novel"

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