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Among Stars and Shadows
Among Stars and Shadows

Kayla Winters is no stranger to struggling, but the past year was too much, even for her. Kayla knows she needs to reclaim her life, but when she gets stranded in a world of magic and living myths, she realises two things: One, closure is the last thing she’s going to get, and two, every fairy tale does indeed have a villain.

Desperate to return home as quickly as she can, the last thing she needs is her overwhelming attraction for the gorgeous Prince Declan getting in the way. Especially when his father has the power to control minds and is obsessed with gaining entrance to the human realm. When she has no choice but to seek refuge inside the castle, Kayla has every intention to stay away from its overbearing ruler and his son… until that plan backfires too.

Mind-bound, unable to escape, and forced into silence by a king who thinks her ancestry might be the key to his dreams of taking over the world, Kayla has until the next Winter Solstice for her true lineage—and her fate—to be determined. Between captivity at the hands of the king or certain doom, her options do not look so good. As the King’s cruelty escalates, her potential magical heritage might be the one thing that can save her.

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