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Blood of Husks

(The Altira Series, Book 2) – Epic Fantasy by Joyce Gee

by Joyce Gee


The Kingdom of Endara is at war. Eirian's allies are too far to keep the enemy from crossing the border into the Kingdom, and Queen Eirian refuses to be the soft-hearted queen the enemy expects.

Behind rival lines awaits a force as old as the world they inhabit. One that seeks to destroy everything in its quest for revenge. The arrival of a mysterious king and his army spurs the real enemy into revealing themselves. Eirian knows it is her duty to stand against the oncoming darkness, even if it costs her everything. Duty to her kingdom has always been her driving force, and Eirian knows she can buy the precious time needed for reinforcements to arrive, but she will have to break promises she made to the ones closest to her.

To keep her freedom and save her people, Queen Eirian will do whatever she can to buy time until reinforcements can reach them. Among her growing collection of secrets is one that can help turn the tide of battle, but it means showing everyone why they should fear her magic powers... and her people might turn against her.

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Blood of Husks


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Blood of Husks

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Blood of Husks


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Praise & Reviews

"Magical and exciting! Can't wait for the rest of the series!" —Starred Review, 5/5

“A compelling, well thought out story which leaves you wanting more.” —Early Reader Review

The Altira Series is fast-paced, witty, and instantly became my new favorite fantasy series. Joyce Gee built a beautifully rich and diverse world. The Altira Series deserves a home on any fantasy lovers’ bookshelf alongside George R.R. Martin, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Sarah J. Maas. With so many enchanting characters, you’ll be rooting for them all. I highly recommend reading it!” —Alex Williams, editor

Joyce Gee


Joyce Gee is an Australian author based in Mandurah, Western Australia. Growing up among the rainforests of Far North Queensland, she loved to vanish into the other worlds hidden within the trees. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys drinking tea, pottering around the garden with husband and their two children, or escaping with her camera to capture the beautiful landscape of Western Australia.

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Blood of Husks

Blood of Husks

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The Kingdom is at war, and Eirian refuses to be the soft-hearted queen the enemy expects. Behind rival lines awaits an ancient force that seeks to destroy everything in its quest for revenge. Queen Eirian will do whatever she can to buy time.

BLOOD OF HUSKS (1st Edition) ISBNs:
Hardcover: 9781998839063
Paperback: 9781998839056
Ebook/Kindle: 9781998839070

Author: Joyce Gee
Editor: Alex Williams
Cover Design: Eric Williams
Map Illustrator: Dewi Hargreaves

BLOOD OF HUSKS (1st Edition) was released in September 2023.

ADULT FICTION (with Young Adult interest)
Fantasy / Epic
Fantasy / Action & Adventure
Fantasy / General

Themes explored include: Epic fantasy; Adventure fiction; Love and relationships; Coming of age; Death, grief, loss; Interior life; Identity / belonging; Politics; Narrative theme: Social issues; Mythical creatures: elves.

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