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A Romantic Short Story by Mario Dell'Olio

by Mario Dell'Olio


A romantic short story by LGBTQ+ fiction author Mario Dell'Olio!

Anthony's second year in Rome is nearly over, and he can't wait to get back to New York to see Kevin. He needs to know if there is still a chance for a future together.

Although Anthony continues to question whether the path he chose was the right one, he was not ready to let it go. All he knew was that he'd give anything to spend a night with Kevin again.

Kevin wants nothing more than to ask Anthony if he had made any decisions about their future. It broke both their hearts to be apart. Kevin needs to know if Anthony will return to New York to be with him. The many letters they'd written to one another continued to prove that their hearts remained with each other... will they be together?

Will Anthony confront his feelings? Will Kevin ask Anthony to move back to New York with him?

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Praise & Reviews for Mario Dell'Olio

"I absolutely loved following each man's story, background, and bias as situations arose with members of the church and their student groups. It was heartbreaking and tender, packed with real and raw emotion that just pulled at your heartstrings and gave the reader a lot to think about. Such an inspired story that I couldn't put down!" - Ash Knight, author

"I absolutely devoured this story! It provides an inside look at a group of young seminarians trying to navigate through the duplicity, corruption, hypocrisy, and traumatic experiences of the religious systems perpetuated by the Catholic Church. I loved the different points of view of the characters during the 1980s and their insights on love, self-identity, and self-realization... the struggle between good and evil is revealed within the delusion perpetrated by the powerful men of the Vatican City... a must-read!" - Lali A. Love, award-winning best-selling author

"Dell'Olio flawlessly details the conflict of being gay and Catholic in an intolerant time. He opens a window into priesthood, Church politics, and corruption. This book is perfect for anyone dreaming of something more, finding the strength to believe in yourself, or searching for where you belong. One of the easiest five stars I've ever given." - Halo Scot, author

"A complex journey of immersive self-discovery between faith and identity. A great read, talented author." - Rory Michaelson, author

"This book is many wonderful things. I highly recommend this for those who want an authentic account of growing into self." - Anya Pavelle, author

"Good storytelling, a wide range of characters and a heartbreaking tale. I felt intense anger at the Roman Catholic church one minute, and pure joy at a love story the next." - Conor J. Bredin, author

"This was a fascinating journey. Take the journey with these three men and see what you think for yourself. Your conclusions may surprise you as they did me." - Starred Review, 5/5

"A deeply original and honest book that took me into a world I could never know. What a terrific book." - Chase Hackett, author

"I wasn't disappointed. I loved the characters; I enjoyed following their many adventures together." - S.S. Long, author

"A multi-layered treat. This book was a fascinating romance-against-the-odds and I'd recommend it to anyone who is LGBTQ+ friendly." - Matt Adcock, author

"The struggle between faith and sexuality is on full display in this dramatic story. I fell in love with the characters and rooted for them as they learn to love and be loved." - Starred Review, 5/5

Mario Dell'Olio

About Mario Dell'Olio

Mario Dell’Olio has published five books, two were finalists for the Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

His latest release, Forbidden Rome, is a complex and timeless journey of beautiful self-discovery between faith and identity, full of passion, prejudice, and ambition. Mario's previous release, New Men: Bonds of Brotherhood, is a romantic journey of self-discovery inspired by true stories. Filled with romance, hope, and desire.

Mario's first book is a memoir, Coming About: Life in the Balance, about a sailing adventure going terribly wrong. The second book, Body and Soul, is an LGBTQA+ fiction that explores the strife of coming out during the 1980s.

Books by Mario Dell'Olio

Forbidden Rome

Forbidden Rome

New Men (1st Ed.)

New Men (1st Ed.)

Cappuccino: A Romantic Short Story

Cappuccino: A Romantic Short Story

CAPPUCCINO: A Romantic Short Story by Mario Dell'Olio
Author: Mario Dell'Olio

Adult Fiction | LGBTQ+ Fiction

30 Pages
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-990158-54-4

Published by 5310 Publishing
Publication date: 2021-11-08

Suggested Retail Price: $0.99

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