Dirty Laundry

Adult Fiction | Suspense | Thriller |Psychological Thriller


Dirty Laundry tells the story of Samantha, a suburban housewife who goes into extremes to keep her secrets private. What is Samantha willing to do to keep the life that she’s always dreamed of?

Samantha had grown accustomed to high expectations; a clean house, nice meals, and a fit and nicely presented wife, just to name a few. A move brings them to a new home in a perfect neighbourhood where she meets a friend she can finally confide in… but can she?

Will sharing secrets with this newfound friend put them both in danger from Samantha's very private and controlling husband? Dirty Laundry gives us a fast-moving and suspenseful look into the mind of a mom on the edge, but not everything is what it seems.


“A tale so realistic, it’s frightening! Outstanding!” — Sara Bushway, author of Honey Beaumont.

“A fast-paced, quick-witted, thought-provoking, psychological thriller with incredibly suspenseful and exhilarative turns that will keep you guessing all the way to the end. Read it in one sitting. Couldn't put it down!” — David Rountree, Award-Winning Director

“Had me on the edge of my seat. I devoured this clever and captivating book in one sitting.” — Ana C. Sales, author of The Greystones.

“Fast-paced and compelling, Nevruz's story builds and builds, culminating in a tense ending that feels inevitable yet surprising. An entertaining, engrossing read!” — Starred Reviews

“Sunk its teeth in and had me recommending it to friends in the first few chapters and kept me hanging on to see what was going to happen next.” — Darren Finney, author of Faithfully Addicted.

About the author

Cori Nevruz is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, and now resides in Wilmington, North Carolina, with her husband and three sons.
Cori is a graduate of the NCSU and works from home as a website designer. She has previously written 11 children's books that feature student illustration giving over 100 children published illustrator credit.
She's also an active volunteer at her boy's schools, an avid reader, potty humor enthusiast, and a strong believer in the power of kindness.

by Cori Nevruz

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Adult Fiction | Suspense | Thriller |Psychological Thriller

Paperback | $14.99

Ebook | $6.99

Published by 5310 Publishing

July 13, 2021 |

242 Pages

ISBN 9781777151799