Faithfully Addicted

Adult Fiction | Romance


Faithfully Addicted

What happens when love can't happen?

Darren Finney



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What happens when love can't happen? When attraction is an addiction?
Harkin was already dead inside and is not looking for a woman who can change his perspective on life. He was happy holding on to his bitterness until he met Emily, a recovering heroin addict, that would teach him to let go of the addiction.
They must survive a sea of desires and decide if they can keep each other from drowning again, relying on hope. Harkin and Emily will explore every sharp cut of recovery and relapse, clinging to one another as shipwrecked sailors cling to debris in search of a shore.
Do they have the strength to feel their hearts beat again? Is their love strong enough?

About the author

Darren Finney was born in 1989 and lives in Missouri. Having a love of fiction, he enjoys writing in a style that consists of a more faith-based focus, much like his debut novel "On The Soul's Edge
Finney's latest release and first traditionally published novel is Faithfully Addicted.

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Adult Fiction | Romance

Paperback | $15.99

Ebook | $6.99

Published by 5310 Publishing

Jun 08, 2021 |

246 Pages

ISBN 9781777151812



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