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Left Without Answers

An Intriguing Suspense by the Top Thriller Author of Dirty Laundry

by Cori Nevruz


After the sudden loss of her son, Alice is thrust into a relentless quest for the truth. With no goodbye, no explanation, Hank's departure leaves Alice grasping for any semblance of closure. She refuses to accept that her son's vibrant spirit could simply fade away.

Left without answers, Alice turns to Hank's closest confidant, Arnold. But Arnold, like everyone else, seems determined to sweep the tragedy under the rug. He urges Alice to move on, to let the past rest in peace. Yet, Alice's maternal instinct refuses to be silenced.

Just when Alice begins to resign herself to the unknown, she discovers a series of cryptic notes scattered throughout her home. Each one bears Hank's unmistakable handwriting, each one hinting at a truth too terrifying to fathom. Could her son still be reaching out from beyond the grave?

As Alice delves deeper into Hank's hidden world, she uncovers secrets darker than she ever imagined. Betrayal, bullying, and buried truths claw their way to the surface, threatening to shatter Alice's fragile reality. With each revelation, she teeters on the brink of madness, torn between the need for justice and the fear of what lies beneath.

Haunted by the specter of her son's final moments, Alice refuses to rest until she unravels the mystery surrounding his death. But as she edges closer to the truth, she realizes that some secrets are best left buried. Can Alice confront the demons of her past before they consume her present? Or will her relentless pursuit of answers lead to a fate more terrifying than she ever imagined?

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Praise & Reviews for Cori Nevruz

“A great read if you like a thrilling, unpredictable plot and a story that sticks with you even after you close the book.” —Starred Review 5/5

A compelling story with an interesting climax I'm sure the majority of readers won't see it coming.” —M.A. Quigley, author of The Complexities of Love

A tale so realistic, it’s frightening! Outstanding!” —Sara Bushway, author of Honey Beaumont

Had me on the edge of my seat. I devoured this clever and captivating book in one sitting.” —Ana C. Sales, author of A Love for Doctor Mary Taylor

Fast-paced and compelling. An entertaining, engrossing read!” —Starred Review 5/5

“Devoured this book in a day!” —Starred Review 5/5

“A great book with an ending I didn’t see coming. It was really easy to get into the story and the writing style was perfect for this kind of book.” —Starred Review 5/5

A brilliant read! Well-written plot and storyline, kept me engaged from the start.” —Starred Review 5/5

Outstanding!” —Starred Review 5/5

Excellent read! Couldn't put it down! Awesome book!” —Starred Review 5/5

What a read! Will bring you deep into the main character’s life.” —Starred Review 5/5

This is a fun, easy read that is impossible to put down. I loved this book!” —Starred Review 5/5

Cori Nevruz


Cori Nevruz is a thriller and suspense author. Some of her works include “Noxious,” “Left Without Answers,” and “Dirty Laundry.” Nevruz likes to write emotionally invested stories. Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, Cori Nevruz now resides in Wilmington with her husband and three sons.
She has also previously published 11 children’s books that feature student illustration, giving over 100 children published illustrator credit. An active volunteer, an avid reader, potty humor enthusiast, and a strong believer in the power of kindness.

Books by Cori Nevruz

Dirty Laundry: A Gripping and Jaw-Dropping Psychological Thriller

Dirty Laundry: A Gripping and Jaw-Dropping Psychological Thriller

Dirty Laundry: Not Everything is What it Seems

Dirty Laundry: Not Everything is What it Seems

LEFT WITHOUT ANSWERS - An Intriguing Suspense
by Cori Nevruz
252 Pages

Adult Fiction
Suspense / Thriller
Domestic Suspense
Psychological Thriller

Themes explored: Interior life, Death, grief, loss, Social issues, Identity and belonging; Family life fiction; Social discrimination and equal treatment; Bullying and harassment; Coping with bullying, coercion and harassment;

Hardcover: 9781990158704
Paperback: 9781990158698
Ebook: 9781990158711
Large Print: 9781990158728
Audiobook: 9781990158827

Published by 5310 Publishing
Publication date: 2022-06-21

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