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The Art of Becoming a Traitor

Will their power be enough to change the world forever?

by Andrea Bougiouklis


Eleri is the only one with the ability to destroy the world around her... Now she needs to save it.

She had always loved being used as the weapon, being both the arrow and the target. But when Eleri learns the truth about the impact of their pasts and all the chaos that they have created, they are tasked with the impossible: to undo the damage they have caused.

Fyodor and Eleri know that they are strong and influential, but will their power be enough to alter the course of history forever?


A young woman with a larger than life legacy and an incredible sense of self truly believed that what she was doing was right. With all of her being, she thought that she was helping to serve a long-overdue justice.

When Eleri learns that she had been used as a pawn in a larger, evil plot, she has to find it in herself to right her wrongs - even if it means going against everything and everyone she ever loved. The war had been raging since she was a young child, and she had never thought to question it.

When Eleri and her best friend Fyodor discover that their leaders have been doctoring and altering history and are planning to disintegrate an entire population, they realize that they may be the only two who can prevent this atrocity.

In a race against time, power, and their own morals, they can only hope that their willpower and strength are enough to overturn a war that has already begun.

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Praise & Reviews

Excellent work! I hope one day that it gets a well-earned award for its quality. I enjoyed reading it.” –Mark Runte, author of ASH, A Mythos Novel

The Art of Becoming a Traitor is a military thriller set after a war into a dystopian society, discussing raw themes of ethics, military politics, the good, the bad, and of course, the ugly parts of war and delving into deep topics on who to trust when someone chooses to “fall out of line” as it were. If you enjoy mystery intrigue with a nice casual military backdrop, you’ll find much to latch on to. For me, it was an exciting thriller.” –Armanis Ar-Feinial, author of the Holy Grail War

Young adults who enjoy girls who kick ass and take no names will like this dystopian fantasy as it resembles many of the same themes as action movies… I saw many parallels to this story to events happening to today. What do you do when you discover you are fighting for the wrong side?” –Veronica Krug, author and educator

A science fiction military story with power and guts… The story keeps you on your toes with many twists and turns, Eleri never really knowing who to trust. Eleri realises almost too late how much she and her generation have been lied to… I enjoyed it.” –Maria P Frino, author and senior reviewer

Andrea Bougiouklis

About Andrea Bougiouklis

From Toronto, Canada. She is currently a student at Ryerson University, and is actively pursuing all opportunities in her respective industries.

Author and a filmmaker, writing her debut novel at 19 years old, Andrea is only at the beginning of what is sure to be a long and prosperous career in the creative industries.

Books by Andrea Bougiouklis

The Art of Becoming a Traitor (hardcover)

The Art of Becoming a Traitor (hardcover)

The Art of Becoming a Traitor

The Art of Becoming a Traitor

THE ART OF BECOMING A TRAITOR: Will their power be enough to change the world forever?
Author: Andrea Bougiouklis
376 Pages (paperback)
386 Pages (hardcover)

Paperback ISBN: 9781990158445
Ebook ISBN: 9781990158452
Hardcover ISBN: 9781990158582

Published by 5310 Publishing
Paperback publication date: 2022-Feb-08
Hardcover publication date: 2022-April-05

Young Adult Fiction / Dystopian; War & Military; Action & Adventure / General; Science Fiction / Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic

Themes explored: War, combat, and military adventure fiction; Science fiction: military; Alternative history fiction; Dystopian & utopian fiction; Politics; Identity / belonging.

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