Simple Mandalas

Calming, Motivational and Inspirational Coloring Book for Adults


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Coloring Book for Adults | Easy Mandala designs

Paperback | $9.99

Published by 5310 Publishing

March 02, 2021

82 Pages

ISBN 9781990158117

With artistic mandala designs, this Simple Mandalas - Calming, Motivational, and Inspirational! adult coloring book from 5310 Publishing is perfect for taking a break.

An enjoyable way to make your anxiety go away, featuring patterns from simple to medium, enabling you to quickly fill pages with your chosen shades. The best part? No worrying about bleeding colors; every mandala is placed on its own page. You will have a great time coloring them and may even find it your new craving. Includes great, uplifting, and encouraging quotes.

Great for all talent levels, makes a fabulous gift. Know someone who likes to color? Make them cheer with this adult mandala coloring book!