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What is Comprehensive Copy Editing?


Comprehensive Editing is our most extensive editing service, and it includes four rounds of editing: comprehensive editing, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading.

  • During the first round, your editor works closely with you with suggestions to include clarity, arc, and sound. By highlighting text that is monotonous, flawed, or unrelated, we can cut down or wordiness and strengthen the language to create a more pleasurable read.

  • We also fact check statements for non-fiction manuscripts, historical pieces, and memoirs. Your editor checks if well-known facts in your manuscript are accurate, and if names and dates are correct.

  • During the line editing round, your editor will also draw your attention to words or sentences that may have been overused, that are unnecessarily long, redundant, or that can be tightened.

  • Unclear scenes, bad transitioning, tonal shifts, unnatural phrasing and complex narratives are also analyzed and repaired.

After the first two rounds of editing, your editor sends you a revised manuscript with editorial recommendations for your review.

  • After you review our recommendations, a copy editor reviews your entire manuscript, correcting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. This ensures consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalization.

  • By correcting errors in language use and sentence structure, we guarantee a clear and uniform style.

  • We will also line edit and copy edit any new content that may have been added during your first revision. This addresses any residual inconsistencies, structural flaws, or lingering typos.

  • During the last round of editing, one of our professional proofreaders examines a final copy of your manuscript. The proofreader may also do some light editing, such as inconsistent spelling, hyphenations, and grammar. The proofreader also corrects awkward word or page breaks, and assures quality.

Why do you need complete comprehensive copy editing?​

Why are comprehensive editing, line editing, copy editing, and proofreading important during the publishing process?

  • Our bundle includes all four available types of editing, integral steps of the publishing process, guaranteeing quality. This editing process examines your manuscript from all sides and explores how the text communicates your intended theme and idea, which can ultimately mean the difference between an average self-published novel that gets lost in the crowd, and a professional best-selling book.

Quality assurance:

  • Track changes in Word is used so you can clearly see the editor’s changes and accept, reject, or modify them. By working closely with your editor, not only can you improve your current manuscript, but also get the creative tools to become a better writer for future projects.

Can you be more specific? What is included when you get the complete comprehensive copy editing bundle? What happens on each round?


Our complete editing service offers four editing rounds:

One comprehensive editing round:​

  • With suggestions to improve clarity, arc, and sound.

  • Your editor will also highlight text that is monotonous, flawed, or unrelated. We will cut down on wordiness and strengthen the language to create a more pleasant read.

  • The editor will fact check statements for non-fiction manuscripts, historical pieces, and memoirs. We can also check if well-known facts in your manuscript are accurate and if names and dates are correct.


One line editing round:

  • A line edit addresses the creative content, your writing technique, and language use at the sentence and paragraph level. Your editor carefully inspects your book, sentence by sentence, while focusing on word choice, rhythm, syntax, as well as the overall strength of each sentence.

  • We focus on the way you use language to communicate your story to the reader.

  • Line editing is important for authors to keep their sentences powerful and concise, studying each sentence for wordiness and ensuring that unnecessary words are trimmed.

  • This way, you can give a lot of information clearly and in a few words.

  • Your editor makes sure your writing is fluid, clear, and pleasurable to read, revealing a taste of the environment, emotion, and correct tone. It also helps make sure that the words you have chosen carry a definite meaning, instead of using clichés and broad generalizations.

  • The editor also works to help deliver suggestions to enhance your writing structure, tone and clarity so your writing can be the best that it can be. The editor focuses on word meaning, analyzing whether the words chosen by you are the best choice for conveying the intended message or not.

  • In a nutshell, the line editor makes sure your manuscript is polished, improving flow and general pacing, including the removal, or changes of words, phrases, or sentences to improve the written language and its overall effect.


One copy editing round:

  • Copy editing is the process of reviewing and correcting written material to improve accuracy, readability, and suitability for its purpose. A copy edit addresses flaws on a technical level to make sure the writing is in accordance with industry standards.

  • Copy editing can help you correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax mistakes.

  • For non-fiction, it flags ambiguous or incorrect statements, which is extremely important. Your manuscript is refined for publication, making sure it tells the best story, with as little mistakes possible.

One proofreading round:

  • If perfection is important to you, then a proofreader is for you!

  • Proofreading is the final stage and a critical part of the editing process.

  • Our expert editor will carefully inspect your book in order to find and correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary errors. The proofreader looks for accuracy in text, layout and images, and consistency in usage and presentation.

  • The main goal of proofreading is to create a technically accurate language that can communicate your work clearly. It is important to ensure that the rhythm and pacing of your sentences are at their best by making sure colons, dashes, commas and semicolons are being properly used.




$0.06 / word



$0.04 / word


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