About the author

Cori Nevruz is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, and now resides in Wilmington, North Carolina with her husband and three sons. Cori is a graduate of the NCSU and works from home as a website designer.


Cori has previously written 11 children’s books that feature student illustration giving over 100 children published illustrator credit. She is an active volunteer at her boy’s schools, is an avid reader, potty humour enthusiast, and strong believer in the power of kindness.


Previous Publications (Hardcover Children's books)

Make a List

Teach your kids how making lists can keep them organized, teach them responsibility, and allow them to show their independence. Make A List shows some examples such as chore lists, wish/birthday lists, to-do lists, grocery lists and much more!


Illustrated by children: Riley Christine Frey (Cover Artist), Lawson Pollard, Blythe Holloway, Kelsea Avery, Max Avery, Coltrane Nevruz, Ivan Nevruz, Mason Clark, Ben Little, Caroline Haugo.

Back to School

Saying goodbye to summer is hard, but there is so much to be excited about when it is time to go Back to School! Back to School is a hardcover book, illustrated by children.

Illustrators: Brooke Zub (Cover Artist), Sophia Magne, Ella Brokaw, Bailey Macke, Coltrane Nevruz, Anne Wells Lowery, Luke Lodato, Ellie Ochipa, Carolina "Carly" Tesch, Kelsey M. Stuck

The Adventures of Chumply and Munch: Loose in School (Book 1)

The Adventures of Chumply and Munch: Loose in School is the first book in a new children's book series about the adventures of two little dogs. The book follows Chumply and Munch as they explore their brothers' school, room-by-room. They don't want to be caught, can you find them in the beautiful artwork?


All illustrations by students ages 4-17. Ilustrators: Myles Green (Cover), Ella Carpenter (Dogs), Ashlyn Mechtly, Noah Greeson, Eliza Amin, Kate Reiniche, Lillian Nichols, Sarah Pierson, Logan Kai Tamadon, Kara Appleton, Gabby Smoker, Sofia Magne, Coltrane James, Madelyn E. Underhill, Kaylee Appleton, Charlotte M. Mackie, and Lillian Amin.

The Adventures of Chumply and Munch: Camp Doggie (Book 2)

The Adventures of Chumply and Munch: Camp Doggie is a children's book about two dogs who dream of the many adventures they wish to have at summer camp. While the dogs dream of all the fun summer camp adventures, the reader will prepare themselves for their own summer camp experiences.

All illustrations by students. Illustrators: Ella Carpenter, Cali Gardner, Ashlyn Mchtly, Lillian Amin, Coltrane Kochkarov, Nigel Nevruz, Fletcher Blackburn, Brenna McWilliams, Sofia Magne, Emma M. Thornton, Lawson Cargal, Emmett Lauffenburger, Ivan Nevruz, Mallory Blackburn, Kaylee Appleton, Bella Sherrod, Shea Hoffacker, and Evan A. Mundorf.

The First Year

Show your kindergarten teacher how special your child's first year of school was. This picture book, illustrated by children, is a journey through your child's first year of school, kindergarten. A tribute to the kindergarten teacher, this book makes a wonderful class gift to be signed by the students and even parents.


Illustrators: Katelyn Berg (Cover Artist), Lilian R. Walters, Hutton Badrock, Myles Green, Brooke Zub, Ivan Nevruz, Riley Christine Frey, Nigel Nevruz, Coltrane Nevruz, Kelsea Avery.

Everyday Kindness

Everyday Kindness is a children's book that displays through text and beautiful illustrations created by children, how kindness effects you and the people around you while demonstrating simple ideas to show kindness in your every day life.

Illustrators: Lillian Nichols, Raegan Sharpe, Ella Carroll, Giada Martucci, Lawson Kievit, Anne Wells Lowery, Madeline Watson, Kaylee Appleton, Kelsea Avery, Sarah Pierson, Cynthia Worrell, Maggie Ann Kirby, and Owen Boswell.

Everybody Toots

Everybody Toots is a hardcover book, illustrated by children, that shows through hilarious drawings that all different people and even animals Toot! Some of the characters in the book caught tooting are parents, grandparents, pets, a barber, athletes, teachers, politicians, patients, emergency workers, bus drivers and much more!

Illustrators: Kelsea Avery (Cover), Austin Clare Jenkins, Layla Hurley, Taylor H, Ashton Edmundson, Ebby Clark, Laura Beth Jenkins, Claire McLean, James McLean, Garrett Geib, Cash Foster, Susannah Martin, Amelia Jean Bush, Olivery Anguish, Britton H, Benjamin Brown, Scarlett Anguish, Lucas Diamond, Mia Lou, Mason Clark, Maeve Rhiann M, Nigel Nevruz, and Skyler Merrill.

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect is about the little things that make us different and how they can feel so big. Some kids have allergies or anxiety that no one sees, and some kids have scars and birthmarks that can be seen.


This book embraces the fact that these things are part of who we are and that its okay to be different!

Illustrators: Grace E. McNamara (Cover), Julien Davis Tubbs, Giada Martucci, J .Marshall Chalk, Cash Foster, Weston C. Chalk, Noah G., Nigel Nevruz, Maeve Rhiann M., Ava Allen, Nigel Nevruz, Regan Williams.

Remarkable Me!: Big Words. Big Aspirations.

Remarkable Me! is a children's book that introduces the reader to the spelling, pronunciation and definition of some big words and admirable personality traits. Illustrations, all created by students, demonstrate each of the meanings through creative, unique and colorful drawings.

Illustrators: Giada Martucci, Austin Clare Jenkins, Avery Braithwaite, Helen Bennington, Lisa McLean, Junho Jason Lee, Ford Tate, Sarah Kate Brinson, Grace E. McNamara, Jack O'Malley, Samin Bhan, Ava McNeely.

Cooped Up

Cooped Up is a book about all the activities you can do when you are stuck inside.


The book was written during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic.

Illustrators: Lillian Amin, Kelsea Avery, Maggie Beard, Abigail Bolick, Eliza Amin, Ava McNeely, Poppy Coleman, Austin Clare Jenkins, Cynthia Worrell, Kaylee Appleton, and Trevor Tate.