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5310 Indie Highlights

5310 Publishing is proud to spotlight books written by indie authors and other independent publishers on our website. This is part of our ongoing efforts to better represent and give a voice to people (and characters) who are part of groups that are often unrepresented and silenced. Click here to go to the homepage.

A Husband’s Guide to Hands-On Caregiving

Hard-Earned Lessons for Men—and Women—Caring for a Loved One at Home

A Husband’s Guide to Hands-On Caregiving

In 2011, Angela and Patrick Palmer got devastating news: Angela, a 10-year breast cancer survivor, had been diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. Patrick wanted information about caring for his wife at home, but he was never able to find a book written specifically for male caregivers. "A Husband’s Guide to Hands-On Caregiving" fills that gap. This book gives caregivers the guidance Patrick Palmer was looking for—useful advice not just for husbands, but also for wives, parents, children, and anyone else caring for a loved one at home. It includes practical discussions of the emotional, financial, and physical aspects of caretaking, including difficult issues such as preparing for the end of your loved one’s life. "A Husband’s Guide to Hands-On Caregiving" is an indispensable companion for anyone placed in this difficult situation … and a loving tribute to Angela.

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About the Author

Patrick Palmer is an educator, caregiving advocate, and an author whose work is committed to guiding ordinary people in their journey to become effective caregivers when they face that challenge. Buy his caregiving books to read his own experiences and thus contribute to fund cancer research.

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