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5310 Publishing is proud to spotlight books written by indie authors and other independent publishers on our website. This is part of our ongoing efforts to better represent and give a voice to people (and characters) who are part of groups that are often unrepresented and silenced. Click here to go to the homepage.

Accusing Mr. Darcy

A Pride & Prejudice Variation

Accusing Mr. Darcy

Could Fitzwilliam Darcy harbour a shocking, sinister secret?

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet count themselves among the many guests of the Kendall family, whose estate lies amidst the picturesque hills, gorges, and rocky slopes of the Peak District in Derbyshire. Elizabeth’s cousin Rose Kendall believes her dashing brother-in-law, Captain James Kendall, is Elizabeth’s ideal match. Rose’s husband, Nicholas, hopes his good friend Darcy—a rich, proud, and taciturn gentleman with a spotless reputation—will fancy one of the other eligible lady guests.

News of a brutal killing at a neighbouring estate sends a wave of shock through the genial group of friends and family. When one of the Kendalls’ guests is attacked, all of the gentlemen become suspects, but the former Bow Street runner tasked with investigating the crime finds the evidence against Mr. Darcy particularly compelling.

In this romantic mystery, the beloved couple from Jane Austen’s "Pride & Prejudice" cross paths with a ruthless killer. When faced with dire warnings against Mr. Darcy, will Elizabeth heed them or follow the dictates of her heart?


Winner, Romantic Suspense, Firebird Book Awards

Winner, Romance, Queer Indie Book Awards, Ally Division

Finalist, 2020 Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Recommended Read, Author Shout Reader Ready Awards


You'll come for the intriguing mystery and stay for the heart-warming romance. The characters are charmingly entertaining, and the murder investigation woven throughout creates moments of genuine surprise and suspense. Miller's ability to create a compelling page turner will have you hooked from beginning to end."-Ila Golden, author of "Echoe"

This new P&P variation is like nothing I have ever read before! It was murder, mystery, romance and uncertainty about the ending of my favourite literary couple! I can only congratulate Kelly, and advise her to get this book made into audiobooks ASAP!-Sophia, Interests of a Jane Austen Girl

The characters are awesome and unique, even the normal cast of P&P is a little different in an exceptionally good way. The mystery is exciting, the activities are wonderful! I certainly love the way that this ended, one of the better endings I have had the pleasure to read. Great Job Kelly!!!-DD Gott, Donadee's Corner

"By distilling the most compelling aspects of Pride and Prejudice and adding a high-stakes plot structure, Miller creates something wholly new and thoroughly enjoyable.-The Uglycat Press

"The prose is as rich and warm as a fine brandy, while the setting is elegant and refined. Take a glorious step back in history and enjoy the resplendency of Accusing Mr. Darcy.-Indies Today

'A superbly plotted mystery populated by characters we all know and love. A FINALIST and highly recommended!'-The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

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About the Author

Award-winning author Kelly Miller is a native Californian and Anglophile, who made her first visit to England in 2019. When not pondering a plot point or a turn of phrase, she can be found playing the piano, singing, or walking her dogs. Kelly Miller resides in Silicon Valley with her husband, daughter, and their many pets. Besides Jane Austen, her favorite authors include Barbara Vine, Daphne Du Maurier, Stephen King, and Agatha Christie.

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Kelly’s blog page is found at www.kellymiller.merytonpress.com, her Twitter handle is @kellyrei007, Instagram: kelly.miller.author, and she is on Facebook: www.facebook.Author.Kelly.Miller.

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