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5310 Indie Highlights

5310 Publishing is proud to spotlight books written by indie authors and other independent publishers on our website. This is part of our ongoing efforts to better represent and give a voice to people (and characters) who are part of groups that are often unrepresented and silenced. Click here to go to the homepage.

Heart of Frost

(The Frostrise Duology)

Heart of Frost

Desperate to escape an empty life with her loathsome husband, Evantha steals aboard a ship headed across the ocean, her innocence matched only by her resolve. When the crew docks at the mystical northern island of Frostrise, Evantha hardly expects to stay, much less discover a chance for love. But soon she catches the attention of Inagarde, a red-haired healer and former warrior, and falls under the charms of island and its magical secrets. With each new experience, Evantha struggles to reckon the strict rules of her old life with the liberated ways of Frostrise. But when indecision and a looming threat from her husband throws her blooming relationship into jeopardy, Evantha must banish her fears and harness her newfound powers, or else risk losing true love forever.

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About the Author

Anastasia Wolfe is the author of The Frostrise Duology and a nature enthusiast who lives in the stunning Pacific Northwest. She believes in true love and writing just for fun, and thinks the world could use more of both. When she's not at her keyboard or poring over a new fluffy romance, Anastasia likes to explore the gorgeous local scenery and soak up the rain. You can find her on Twitter @WolfeWrites.

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