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5310 Indie Highlights

5310 Publishing is proud to spotlight books written by indie authors and other independent publishers on our website. This is part of our ongoing efforts to better represent and give a voice to people (and characters) who are part of groups that are often unrepresented and silenced. Click here to go to the homepage.

Rise of The Red Harbinger

Coming of Age Fantasy

Rise of The Red Harbinger

Thousands of years ago, the realm of Ashur was drowned by Darian, Harbinger of the god Orijin, to save it from the evil Red Harbinger, Jahmash. But the prophecies say Jahmash will return—and only Darian’s chosen Descendants, those who bear a black line on their face, can save mankind.

- Baltaszar: An untried lad from a hidden village. He must find the House of Darian to learn how to use his mysterious powers.

- Marshall: The last of a race of warriors slaughtered by Jahmash’s army. Will the other Descendants help him avenge his family and his race?

- Prince Garrison: He spent years following his father, the king’s orders to kill all who bear the mark of Darian—even though he bears it himself. Can the other Descendants accept him? Or will they kill him?

Time is running short for the Descendants. Hunted by the people they are supposed to protect, can they save Ashur from its greatest threat: The Red Harbinger?

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About the Author

Khalid Uddin credits his creative beginnings to comic books, specifically The Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men. Throughout middle school and high school, his predominant hobby was drawing his favorite characters, original characters, and just about everything that was put in front of him. Once his college roommate introduced Khalid to Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time book series, his imagination evolved and he saw the beginnings of his own fantasy world coming to life. When his head is not stuck developing his fictional world, Khalid spends his free time with his wife, Jen, and adorable daughters, Emme and Ava, who bring boundless sunshine and laughter to his life. Except for when they're crying, because then laughing makes them angrier. Khalid makes a living with literature as a high school English teacher in New Jersey. He regularly posts updates and news about his novel and the writing process on his website, www.khaliduddin.com. Feel free to connect with him there and leave your comments and feedback.

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