FREE, included.



FREE, included.


FREE, included.

Interior page design and formatting is included with all publishing packages.

What is interior page design and formatting?

  • Your editor and a professional designer work together to give your book a professional interior layout that can give your book an advantage. If the front cover is a deciding factor in whether readers will purchase your book or not, the interior layout is just as important.

  • The designer works with you and your editor to create a customized layout that provides a pleasurable experience for your target audience.

  • Absolutely no templates are used!

  • Every book interior is custom designed according to your message and theme of the book.


What is included with the interior page design and formatting service?
What happens during the interior book design process?

  • The designer team works with you and your editor to understand your message and your goal with the book.

  • The designer will design and format custom title pages, half-title page, table of contents, dedication page, quotes, chapter titles and numbering, page numbers, preface, copyright page, opening quotes, dividers, and other visual details.

  • Our quality team makes sure the interior layout meets minimum industry standards and if all elements necessary for production and global distribution are present.


Why get a professional interior design for your book or ebook?

  • If you are publishing a book, then you need to provide a pleasurable experience for your target audience with a professional-looking book, easy to read fonts, and a good-looking and professional interior design.

  • If your interior looks unprofessional, you will lose readers. Your book's design must communicate that the pages within are worth the buyer’s time and attention, and that your message meets the style.


How do we guarantee your satisfaction?

  • Each book is custom designed by an editor and a designer.

  • An appropriate typeface for your book’s genre and style is created.

  • A unique design for your chapters may be used, depending on the theme.

  • A quality assurance team verifies if your book contains all the necessary.

  • Interior page design and formatting is included with most of our publishing packages.


Quality assurance

  • Professional designers, your editor, and a quality team work together to guarantee that your interior book’s presentation, layout, formatting, style, arrangement and design all meet industry standards.

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