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How to know if you need line editing:

  1. Is your language fluid, clear, and pleasurable to read?

  2. Does it reveal a taste of the environment, emotion, and tone?

  3. Are the words you have chosen carrying a definite meaning or are you using clichés and broad generalizations?

What is Line Editing?

  • A line edit addresses the creative content, your writing technique, and language use at the sentence and paragraph level.

  • Your editor carefully inspects your book, sentence by sentence, while focusing on word choice, rhythm, syntax, as well as the overall strength of each sentence.

  • We focus on the way you use language to communicate your story to the reader and to your target audience.

Why do you need line editing?

  • Line editing is essential for authors to keep their sentences powerful and concise, studying each sentence for wordiness and ensuring that unnecessary words are trimmed. This way, you can give a lot of information clearly and in a few words.

  • Your editor makes sure your writing is fluid, clear, and pleasurable to read, revealing a taste of the environment, emotion, and correct tone.

  • It helps make sure that the words you have chosen carry a definite meaning instead of using clichés and broad generalizations.


What is included when you get line editing?
What happens during each editing round?

A line edit includes the removal, or changes of words, phrases, or sentences, to improve the written language and its overall effect.

Our line editing service offers one editing round with suggestions from your editor to:

  • Enhance sentence structure;

  • Help you with better word choices;

  • Draw your attention to words or sentences that are overused;

  • Shorten unnecessarily long sentences;

  • Eliminate redundancies; 

  • Draw your attention to dialogue or paragraphs that can be tightened;

  • Improve unclear scenes;

  • Help with bad transitioning;

  • Assist with tonal shifts;

  • Rephrase unnatural phrasing;

  • Clarify confusing narratives;

  • Among other changes that can help you clarify or enhance your meaning.

Quality assurance

  • By working with a line editor, not only can you improve your current manuscript, but also get the creative tools to become a better writer for future projects.The line editor also:

  • Works to help deliver suggestions to enhance your writing structure, tone and clarity so your writing can be the best that it can be.

  • Focuses on word meaning, analyzing whether the words chosen by the author are the best choice for conveying the intended message or not.

  • Makes sure your manuscript is polished, improving language flow and general pacing of your story.

How we guarantee your satisfaction when you get line editing with us:

  • Track changes in Word is used so you can clearly see the editor’s changes and accept, reject, or modify them easily.

  • By trimming words, sentences or phrases that are irrelevant and don’t contribute to the story, we can improve the overall aspect of your work. We may rearrange and suggest new passages to establish a better rhythm for your story. Your editor may also tighten dialogue, point out inconsistencies, tonal shifts and unnatural phrasing. If the momentum of the narrative is disrupted, changes to the prose may be suggested. Your editor may clarify or enhance your meaning by adding words or phrases.

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$0.03 / word



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