Adult nonfiction


An essential guide to help you launch and sustain a successful your first enterprise.

If working for yourself appeals to you, this book is a must-have in your entrepreneurial arsenal. With these tested and proven methods, you can do anything from starting a home-based business, to building the foundation for a small business with a team of your own.

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A detailed handbook on how to start your business and write a winning plan

While entrepreneurship can be very exhausting, this manual will help you know if you are still on the right track.

Anthology / Poetry

"How to Save the World" includes poems about what we want the world to be, how it can be a better place, things we can do improve, how things have been bad but are getting better, and much more!

In 2018 we had a dream: to end hunger.

That dream hasn't changed.

As of today, 5310 Publishing has donated a thousand meals to families in need around the world.

690 million people don't have enough food. Worsening economies, climate emergencies, and now COVID, are pushing more and more people into starvation.

A thousand meals is not nearly enough to help millions of people, but it is a start. We all must do our part.

Send your poem, be featured in our anthology, and help us end hunger worldwide! All proceeds donated.