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The Multiverse in The Memories Between Us

Exploring the Ouroboros



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The Multiverse in The Memories Between Us

Universes in The Memories Between Us are numbered from Joshua’s perspective. Jacob/Will’s Universes that Joshua hasn’t seen or hasn’t shifted to that are from Jacob/Wills perspective are unknown as Will doesn’t remember if he has shifted to ten or fifty or a hundred Universes.

Part I – Joshua’s Universes

Universes Joshua “sees” as an Objective Non-Corporeal Time Traveler (ONC):

Universe Zero – Joshua’s Original Timeline (with Viv 1)

Universe One – Sees 1985 at his Bedford Childhood Home

Universe Two – Sees Will and Jane’s original car crash

Universe Three – Sees a 1995 house party; sees Will stalking Jane

Universe Four – Sees Jane’s 1998 One-Act Play; sees Will stalking Jane

Universe Five – Sees the day of September 11, 2001

Universe Six – Sees Jacob and Violet’s car crash on 01/11/10 (the second time Joshua “sees” the crash)

Universe Zero – Sees his original car crash on 01/11/10 with Vivica

Part II – Joshua’s Universes

Universes Joshua “exists in” as a “Participatory Corporeal” Time Traveler (PC):

Universe Seven – Arrives on January 11, 2010, one year earlier; Joshua stops “seeing” and becomes “part of” the parallel Universe as a Participatory Corporeal Time Traveler (PC) and is with Viv 2

Inside the Ouroboros – Joshua is “in” the Ouroboros with Will and sees many Unknown Universes; Joshua doesn’t shift because he doesn’t break through to those Universes

Universe Eight – Joshua is reunited with Viv 3 who is now eight years older (as is Joshua)

Part I – Jacob/Will’s Universes

Jacob/Will has only known himself as a PC.

Universe Six – (from Joshua’s perspective) NYPL; Jacob is with Violet and Art; Jacob/Will crashes with Violet

Universes Unknown – Flashbacks to Jane in other Universes

Part II – Jacob/Will’s Universes

Universe Seven – (from Joshua’s perspective) Will meets Joshua in May 2010 and together the Dyads go through the Ouroboros

Universe Eight – (from Joshua’s perspective) Will is reunited with Jane

Part I – Arthur Bell’s Universes

Universe Zero – Joshua knows his father, Art, throughout his life and as an older man who is afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease

Universe Six (from Joshua’s perspective) – Art finds Jacob/Will and shares the concept of Dyads with Will


Part II – Arthur Bell’s Universes

Universe Eight? – Is Art the man Joshua sees in under the lamppost getting into a taxi? Is it someone else? Is it only a perception? Or another reality?

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