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A Kiss to Wake Me, Young Adult High-School Romance by Texas Librarian, Released Worldwide This Week

Cheryl Eager’s debut coming-of-age novel explores themes of unexpected teenage pregnancy, overcoming challenging obstacles, first love, optimism, and life-changing choices.

5310 Publishing is delighted to announce that Cheryl Eager’s debut contemporary romance, A Kiss to Wake Me, will be released worldwide on Tuesday, July 19.

Cheryl Eager’s new romance carries themes of love, hope, optimism, and overcoming challenging obstacles—all things our world needs! Cheryl has people from around the world that contact her after feeling touched by something she wrote or thanking her for giving them a fresh perspective with her writing.

A Kiss to Wake Me is a modern-day love story. Three days before high school graduation, 18-year-old Cara mysteriously delivers a premature baby boy at home in her bathroom. The novel begins with her frantic 911 call and flashes back to unfold the beautiful and romantic first-love story between Cara and Jamie, the new tall and handsome student from California. They are two clever, level-headed teens who strive to do the right things but make one big mistake leading to dire consequences.

Their romance takes off at record speed but just as quickly crashes into a wall of disbelief when a figurative bomb is dropped into their lives, upending the world as they knew it: Cara is pregnant, even though she believed she was a virgin.

When these unforeseen circumstances threaten the couple’s future together, everything comes into question. Is Jamie the father of her baby? Will he still love her and the baby if he’s not? How did Cara even get pregnant? How could she possibly cope without him and his family, whom she has grown to love and depend on? Will Jamie and Cara’s love endure the hardships thrust so harshly upon them?

A Kiss to Wake Me is told from alternating points of view through the eyes of Jamie and Cara. Fans of romantic first love who desire to see love withstand seemingly insurmountable obstacles will devour this sweet yet intense novel.

Kirkus Reviews was kind enough to review this novel, calling it “A high school romance full of love—and turbulence. The novel highlights different family dynamics that readers may resonate with….” The editor at Kirkus also said the book is “a story of trust, love, and family.”

Eric Williams, editor and publisher at 5310 Publishing, commented that he’s very excited about this release, and “can’t wait to see what readers have to say about Cheryl’s debut romance! It explores themes of coming-of-age, identity, belonging, and life-changing choices. Anyone who reads high-school romances and likes reading books about first experiences, dating, and growing up, will enjoy this novel.”

To get a copy of this novel and also to see where it is available, readers can refer to the publisher’s website. The book is also available through all the major retailers online and through select bookstores in person. The book will be released in paperback, ebook, hardcover, and audiobook. A large print edition will be made available later this year.

About the Author: Cheryl Eager writes young adult novels about older teens striving to navigate tough, real-life issues. When not writing, Cheryl enjoys reading and discussing literature with her students and colleagues, preferably while drinking coffee with a dash of cream.

About the Publisher: 5310 Publishing is a family-owned business dedicated and committed to helping authors get their books published and discover new and original ways of promoting their stories and views in front of an audience. Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 5310 Publishing now specializes in speculative fiction, romance, and thriller books.

Go to 5310publishing.com to learn more about us.

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