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Author Cori Nevruz interviewed by CSMS magazine about her upcoming thriller, Dirty Laundry

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

CSMS Magazine interviewed author Cori Nevruz about her upcoming novel, Dirty Laundry. Dr. Isma says it was a privilege to sit down for such an enjoyable conversation. Viewers can watch the interview on Youtube. The book is coming in July 2021.

North Carolina-based author Cori Nevruz gets interviewed by the CSMS Magazine. The host, Ardain Isma, had an exciting conversation with Cori, who lives in Wilmington, a city on the North Carolina coastline. Cori is publishing her debut novel titled Dirty Laundry in July, which was the topic of the conversation. It is a story full of suspense, depicting the life of Samantha, a suburban housewife who finds herself fighting on multiple fronts: anxiety, jealousy, and an overbearing husband who expects the most from her. The bar has been set high for Samantha because her husband wants a fashionable wife who can keep a spotless home, prepare nice meals, and take care of children, to name a few. Her mounting problems and her inability to rise to her husband's expectations have led her to the dark alley of depression. Feeling besieged, Samantha reveals her "dirty laundry" to a friend. So, the story unfolds… As fiction foreshadows reality, Cori admits part of her fictional story reflects her own story, as she has "struggled with depression and anxiety, and [she knows] how important it is to address that." Cori is herself a mother, and like many parents, the stress of raising children can be overwhelming.

Dr. Isma says it was a privilege to sit down for such an enjoyable conversation. "Cori Nevruz is a writer who speaks and writes from the heart, Dirty Laundry is character-driven, and once you start reading it, you won't let go until the very last word," he said commented.

Readers can watch the interview below:

The psychological thriller is available at all the leading retailers worldwide and online. Cori has written eleven children's books, giving illustrator credit to more than a hundred kids. Dirty Laundry is her debut adult fiction thriller. CSMS Magazine is the official medium put forward by the Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies (CSMS), a nonprofit organization made up of academics and other professionals well versed in cultural and minority issues from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. 5310 Publishing is home to original and skilled authors who want to cause a positive impact. We help writers who want to help, encourage, and heal others, and publish stories that readers can relate to. Always looking for people who want to transform society and their community, 5310 believes that innovation starts with us, and only we have the capability to build a better future.

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