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Back to the Hunt, from Nashua author Cory Idle, Now Available Worldwide!

5310 Publishing and Cory Idle, from Nashua, New Hampshire, are celebrating the launch of Back to the Hunt, released today worldwide. A lover of films, Cory wanted to convey that love with the action and heroics within Back to the Hunt, making this our most action-packed book yet. This sci-fi military thriller is available in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats from your favorite bookseller.

Back to the Hunt tells the action-packed redemption story of Craig Eitel, an ex-soldier discharged for a mission gone. While being the best, failure had consequences. That was until General Anderson needed the best America has to offer. After a weapons transfer gone wrong, a plane containing a secret bioweapon crash lands in a small town in Iowa. With such precious cargo, Craig must get in and out without anyone knowing. Seemed easy enough until the town revolted and turned against the United States military. If anything goes wrong, Craig can kiss his comeback goodbye. A sudden outburst of mutants, the Helm’s Hamlet militia insurrection, and the terms for a deal of a lifetime are all the things Craig has to deal with before leaving the town. Suddenly mall security isn’t looking too bad to Craig.

Blurb: Ex-soldier Craig has traded in his helmet for a mall security badge, but a mysterious call from his past brings him back to the United States Army. A military transport has crashed in the small town of Helm's Hamlet, releasing a deadly biological weapon and leaving the town in chaos. Craig and his team must infiltrate the town to search for survivors, the weapon, and the dark secrets it holds. But as they navigate the violent uprisings and mysterious forces at play, Craig must confront not only the enemies around every corner, but also the ghosts of his past. Will he be able to save Helm's Hamlet and America before it's too late?

Author headshot. Black and white. Forest background. Man in a sweater.
Author Cory Idle

About the author: Cory Idle, an author of fiction and lover of dogs, began his career in entertainment with a role in radio, running the news and sports department. Preferring fiction, Cory started his writing career by utilizing his respect and knowledge of the US Armed Forces and his love of storytelling, instilled in him by his parents. After a positive reception about his first two short stories, Cory began working on his debut novel, Back to the Hunt. When he’s not writing, Cory enjoys camping, hiking, and traveling with family and friends. He is also a host on Kiss the Reviews on YouTube.

About the publisher: 5310 Publishing is home to original and skilled authors who want to cause a positive impact. We publish stories that readers can relate to. In addition, we help writers who want to help, encourage, and heal others. Always looking for people who wish to transform society and their community, 5310 believes that innovation starts with us, and only we can build a better future. Follow us @5310publishing on Twitter and Instagram.


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