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5310 Publishing Announces New Young Adult Superhero Fiction Novel "But I'm Not a Hero"

Debut sci-fi and fantasy novel by Eric Demarest, But I'm Not a Hero, will be released worldwide in June. When a semi-truck smashes into a car right in front of Matt, and he discovers that the accident was a cover-up, he and his friends decide to stop anyone else from getting killed. A fast-paced, inspirational, coming-of-age, sci-fi & fantasy adventure!

But I'm Not A Hero in a marker/hand written font. The Not in the title has an underline and parentheses to emphasize "Not."
The final cover design will be revealed in mid-March. The novel will be available in brick-and-mortar stores in June.

5310 Publishing is excited to announce Eric Demarest and his new sci-fi and fantasy superhero novel, But I'm Not a Hero. The coming-of-age story about the main character Matt and his friends with special abilities will be published worldwide in June in the English language. This inspirational young adult novel will be available in paperback, hardcover, ebook, and audio.

High school sophomore Matt Pine always thought he'd grow up to be a superhero—after all, not everyone can move things with their mind. But he can only move small stuff, nothing big enough to matter; it wasn't big enough to save his mom from dying in a fire five years ago. Ever since he failed that night, he's been hiding from his ability, and he's come to grips with the fact that superheroes aren't real. Now he just wants to get through high school in one piece.

But when a semi-truck smashes into a car right in front of him, and he watches the driver die, Matt soon discovers that the death was anything but accidental. The owner of the local auto parts factory, Seth Crossman, took the man out to cover up a defective product...and he's not done killing yet. And since everyone else in town is too scared to do anything, Matt decides it's up to him. That means learning to use this ability he's been hiding from; and getting some help from Phillip and Tess, who have their own overlooked talents. But they're going up against brawn and bullets, so they'll have to pool everything they have to keep anyone else from getting killed—including themselves.

"A rare story that empowers kids from regular walks of life... Heroes are not just comic book legends defined by their powers, but everyday people who simply do what is right." —Early Reader Review

"The characterization of Tess, a non-speaking autistic girl, is not only extremely respectful and accurate, but something to be commended as an example as a superb representation of a capable autistic individual." —Early Reader Review

Readers can preorder copies from their preferred bookstore to get it as early as June, or get it directly from the publisher to start reading it right away.


About the Author:

Eric Demarest spent most of his childhood living in his imagination. His adult life isn’t much different, except now he writes his imaginings down and makes other people read them. Demarest loves how stories can make us understand ourselves and others more fully. Eric’s work has been featured in SPIDER Magazine. When he’s not writing or reading, he spends his time watching science fiction movies and imagining what life is like in the parallel universe where he became a film score composer instead of a fiction writer. Eric Demarest lives in Overland Park, Kansas, with his wife and their cat.

About the publisher:

5310 Publishing is home to original and skilled authors who want to cause a positive impact. We publish stories that readers can relate to. We help writers who want to help, encourage, and heal others. Always looking for people who want to transform society and their community, 5310 believes that innovation starts with us, and only we have the capability to build a better future. Follow us @5310publishing on Twitter and Instagram.


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