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Thriller book “Dirty Laundry” by Cori Nevruz released worldwide

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

5310 Publishing is celebrating the worldwide release of the psychological thriller “Dirty Laundry: Not Everything is What it Seems” by author Cori Nevruz in bookstores and online in more than 110 countries today. The novel tells the story of Samantha, a mom who goes to extremes to keep her secrets private.

Dirty Laundry (Paperback) by Cori Nevruz

With Dirty Laundry, the message Nevruz hopes that people understand is that sometimes the people who suffer the most are the best at hiding it.

Eric Williams, the owner of 5310 Publishing, and Cori Nevruz celebrated the release with a Livestream. The launch party streamed on YouTube and Facebook on Tuesday night and is available on 5310 Publishing’s YouTube channel.

“Dirty Laundry: Not Everything is What it Seems” gives us a fast-moving and suspenseful look into the mind of a mom on the edge. The main character, Samantha, had grown accustomed to the high expectations of her husband; a clean house, nice meals, and being a fit and nicely presented wife, to name a few. A move brings them to a new home in a perfect neighborhood where she meets a friend she can finally confide in... but can she? Sharing secrets with her newfound friend puts them both in danger from Samantha's very private and controlling husband. In Dirty Laundry, readers will get to see what Samantha is willing to do to keep her secrets private.

Dirty Laundry is available wherever books are sold, in bookstores, and online. Readers can go to the publisher’s website. Click here to see all the major retailers who sell Dirty Laundry.

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