New Men: Bonds of Brotherhood (Ebook)

Anthony and Kevin met in seminary; both are secretly gay and get into a steamy, romantic relationship. Will they stay together, facing all the homophobia from the church and society in the 1980s?

New Men: Bonds of Brotherhood is a story filled with idealism and an abundance of hope. Three men travel to Vatican City to become priests when their eyes open to a world of faith, deception, and political intrigue.


Each man has dreams of transforming the world and leading the faithful through life’s journey. Kevin, Miguel, and Anthony enter a realm where faith takes a back seat to ecclesial power. Stumbling into sexual relationships, friendships explode into a romantic rollercoaster and contradict time-honoured traditions.


New Men: Bonds of Brotherhood is a romantic journey of self-discovery inspired by true stories. Journey with them as they explore what they truly desire.

New Men: Bonds of Brotherhood (Ebook)

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  • Published by 5310 Publishing Company - December 2020.

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