He doesn't believe in love.
She wants to prove him wrong.

What happens when love can't happen?

Working on matchmaking algorithms for all the top internet compatibility apps, Harkin spent most of his time in a coffee house staring at his laptop.

He believed that the desire and nature of love have been burned away by convenience... but only until the barista decided to prove him wrong.

faithfully addicted cover transparent.pn

Mark’s best friend Dave disappeared when he was thirteen and returned ten years later.

It came with a price.

Tormented by his inner demons, Dave reveals a secret that he has kept since childhood, leading to a terrible misunderstanding with grave consequences for Mark and his family.


Coming of age / LGBTQ+ Romance


A coming-of-age story about Mark as he confronts the truth about his family and his identity.

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Join Anthony and Kevin as they fight against society to stay together.

Progress Pride Flag

Adele and Michael love each other, but must fight against the prejudice of London's high society. Will Michael let go of his traditions and love Adele back? The attraction between them is clear.

5/5 - "Simply breathtaking." - Starred Review

Clean & Wholesome Historical Romance

The Greystones by Ana C. Sales

A breathtaking romance. Now in two languages.