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5310 Publishing Company publishes, services and distributes books and ebooks worldwide.

Sales and Marketing Specialist

We are hiring!

5310 Publishing is looking for a Sales and Marketing Specialist that can help us develop and execute sales and marketing plans to reach targets, from product promotion to business development.


Our company:

5310 Publishing Company started in 2018 and works with clients exclusively online, all over the world. We sell ebooks, paperback and hardcover books to bookstores and libraries across Canada, the U.S. and online. To our authors, we offer professional editing, cover design, and promotion services, with a complete book and ebook distribution service.

What your responsibilities are:

  • Get us more exposure on social media;

  • Increase revenue with new clients;

  • Help with website SEO;

  • Increase customer engagement online;

  • Create, manage and schedule social media posts;

  • Develop a new sales/marketing strategy from scratch;

  • Implement marketing strategies and tactics;

  • Online digital marketing under a tight budget;

  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Some previous experience with sales, advertising or marketing in Canada required;

  • You are an excellent writer and can communicate clearly;

  • You can negotiate with clients and other businesses if needed.

  • You understand organic traffic and search concepts and can aim for that instead of paid traffic.

  • SEO skills.

  • You are motivated, take the initiative, can problem solve, and have common sense;

  • You possess excellent computer skills; You know Microsoft Office.

  • Able to work and deliver projects independently, without supervision, most times remotely;

  • Project management skills to plan and execute plans on time;

  • Capable of working under multiple deadlines/timelines;

  • Capable of working from home and reporting at the end of the week/each project.

  • Experience in the publishing industry or related field is an asset, but not required.


What we can offer you:

  • Flexible schedule, you make your own hours.

  • As long as you can deliver, it doesn't matter when or where you work. (Assignments should be reported back and updated by Thursday evening, or when required.)

  • Unlimited, uncapped commission pay.

  • Income based on generous commissions and bonuses to start. We don't offer an hourly wage. Your marketing efforts should bring us more clients.

  • You get 10% of all sales closed after you join our team.

  • End of the year bonus!


Please email your resumé to to apply. Thank you.