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The Art of Becoming a Traitor
The Art of Becoming a Traitor

When Eleri learns that she had been used as a pawn in a larger, evil plot, she has to find it in herself to right her wrongs - even if it means going against everything and everyone she ever loved.

In a race against time, power, and their own morals, they can only hope that their willpower and strength are enough to overturn a war that has already begun.

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The Complexities of Love

"Most Anticipated LGBTQ in Young Adult Literature" — Lambda Literary

"Intriguing and messily realistic..." - Kirkus Reviews

The Complexities of Love is a coming-of-age story about Mark as he confronts the truth about his family and his identity.

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Pride and Prejudice

An enjoyable romance with lovable characters, emotion, and beautiful writing, Pride and Prejudice is the story of a young woman in the 19th century, Elizabeth Bennet, and her five husband-hunting sisters.

When Elizabeth meets Mr Darcy, she is repelled by his overbearing pride and prejudice towards her family.

Fans of romance, family-oriented stories, comedies, and regency novels will love this story.

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Anne of Green Gables

Anne is an optimistic redheaded girl in this classic children's novel. When Matthew and Marilla, a pair of siblings, decide to adopt a boy from a distant orphanage to help them work on their farm, they don't get what they bargained for, accidentally getting Anne instead.

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Journey along with Alice as she tries to get back home from this secret and magical land called Wonderland.

Following the white rabbit guides Alice through a magical world filled with vanishing cats, painted roses, and a lobster quadrille.

Adult Fiction with Young Adult Interest:

New Men: Bonds of Brotherhood
New Men: Bonds of Brotherhood

Three passionate young men travel to Rome eager to begin an exciting new chapter of their lives. International studies amid ancient ruins and romantic fountains expose them to an extraordinary new world.

Anthony falls in love with Kevin leading to a passionate affair that can only endure in secret. Fearing the consequences of being discovered, they cling to each other and their newfound love.

Honey Beaumont: Being a hero is hard.
Honey Beaumont: Being a hero is hard.

Embarking on a journey of a lifetime, being a hero is harder than he could have ever imagined, but at least he has his friends by his side to help him save the day.

With newfound skills and friends in tow, only one hero can find the strength and courage to return to the man who tried to destroy him and make things right for his people.

Cappuccino: A Romantic Short Story
Cappuccino: A Romantic Short Story

Although Anthony continues to question whether the path he chose was the right one, he was not ready to let it go. All he knew was that he'd give anything to spend a night with Kevin again.

Anthony's second year in Rome is nearly over, and he can't wait to get back to New York to see Kevin. He needs to know if there is still a chance for a future together.

Young Adult Fiction is any creative work, chiefly any narrative work, comprised of people, events, or places that are imaginary in a manner not based strictly on history or fact targeted to young adult people.


In its most narrow usage, fiction refers to written narratives in prose and often specifically novels. The creation of a work of fiction implies the construction of an imaginary world. Fiction is broken down into various genres: subsets of fiction, each differentiated by a particular unifying tone or style; set of narrative techniques, archetypes, or other tropes; media content; or another popularly defined criterion.


Some works of fiction are slightly or significantly re-imagined based on some initially true story or a reconstructed biography. Often, even when the fictional story is based on fact, there may be additions and subtractions from the true story to make it more interesting. Fictional works that explicitly involve supernatural, magical, or scientifically impossible elements are often classified under fantasy, including Lewis Carroll's novel Alice's Adventures in WonderlandRomances focus on passion, emotion, and the affectionate and romantic involvement of the main characters and their love journey through dating, courtship, or marriage, such as Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.