Sara Bushway

Sara Bushway

Dystopian Fantasy

Sara Bushway of Bethalto, Illinois. Her debut dystopian fiction novel is "Honey Beaumont."

Books by Sara Bushway

Honey Beaumont: Being a hero is hard.

Honey Beaumont: Being a hero is hard.

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About Sara Bushway

Sara Bushway of Bethalto, Illinois is a budding author in the world of fiction.

A recent graduate of the SIUE majoring in Psychology and minoring in Literature, she is currently a substance abuse counsellor at the Gateway Foundation.

Her hobbies include writing, playing video games, knitting, crocheting, painting, and tabletop gaming.

Sara is improving her community

"Healing the world one person at a time and teaching them things like self-love and empathy. It also heals me to work with clients who are really trying to better and move forward."

Sara works as a substance abuse rehab counsellor at the Gateway Foundation.

Sara' advice for writers

Sara hopes that her writing can inspire other non-traditional writers to come forward and bring something new to the table. New perspectives might bring new ideas into the light and spring forth new wisdom for the readers out there.

"I hope my writing inspires someone who wonders if their story is too weird or if the process is too difficult [to publish their book] to simply try."

What's next for Sara

Sara's plans include continuing her education so that she can run a private practice using Dungeons & Dragons as a means to treat various types of anxiety, which she believes is one of the major issues many people are facing in the world today.


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