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Subsidiary Rights & Licenses

Some of our books are available for licensing and subsidiary rights for copyright material controlled by 5310 Publishing worldwide. We accept requests for domestic and foreign publication rights.

The following rights are available for licensing for all of our books:

  • Foreign rights

  • Book club rights

  • Translation rights

  • Merchandising rights

  • Digest and condensation rights

  • Film, movie, television, and dramatic rights

  • Audio rights (for podcasts, audiobooks, etc.)

The following rights are available for some of our books:

  • Alternative formats for people with disabilities

  • Entire book reprinting rights

All works published by 5310 Publishing are protected under copyright law. Written permission is required if you wish to reproduce all or use any parts of our work in your own work(s) (anthologies, novels, short stories, etc.) in any quantity.

Please contact  publisher@5310publishing.com  for more information.

We consider the manner in which it will be used, and the kind of publication. Permission is generally given provided that the amount of a work requested for re-use is reasonable and does not represent an excessively large proportion of the original work. We may charge you a permission/copyright fee to compensate the author for using their work.

Please contact our rights department with the following information:

  • Title of the work, name of the author, and ISBN of the book from which the copyright material will be taken

  • The exact material you want to reprint, including page numbers.

  • Your contact information (name, email, mailing address, phone number).

  • Title of your book, authors, publisher's name, a brief synopsis, and publication details (estimated retail price, publication date, page count, territories of publication, etc.

  • You must have a publisher before you ask for permission. If you don't have a publisher, then you must be 100% sure that you are self-publishing and have everything ready.

  • Submit your request as early as possible before your publication date and do not submit more than once.

The Following titles are available for Media Rights and Content Development:

(Film, Movie, TV, Audio, etc.)

- The Complexities of Love by M.A. Quigley;

- A Kiss to Wake Me by Cheryl Eager;

- When Two Stars Collide by Cheryl Eager;


- Dirty Laundry: Not Everything is What it Seems by Cori Nevruz;
- Left Without Answers: An Intriguing Suspense by Cori Nevruz;

- Faithfully Addicted: What happens when love can’t happen? by Darren Finney;

- The Art of Becoming a Traitor by Andrea Bougiouklis;
- Honey Beaumont: Being a Hero is Hard by Sara Bushway;

- The Lonesome Road by Harisson Shaws;

- Forbidden Rome: An Exciting and Captivating Romance by Mario Dell'Olio;
- New Men: A Romantic Journey of Self-Discovery Inspired by True Stories by Mario Dell'Olio;

- Cappuccino: A Romantic Short Story by Mario Dell'Olio;

- A Love for Doctor Mary Taylor by Ana C. Sales;

- The Greystones: Fall in Love With Them by Ana C. Sales;

- The Musician's Promise Series:

- Artie’s Courage: A Thrilling Historical Romance Driven by Love and Justice by Rachel Le Mesurier;

- A Hero’s Hope: An Exciting Rip-Roaring Story of Hope, Courage, and Revolution by Rachel Le Mesurier;

- Sofia’s Freedom: A Gripping and Adventurous Tale Filled with Passion and Heartbreak by Rachel Le Mesurier;

Please contact  filmrights@5310publishing.com  for more information.

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