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It can be challenging for writers and even existing authors to get noticed in front of publishers. That's why we created an easy to navigate and straightforward online submission system. Since 2020, our system has allowed authors of all genres to have their work considered by one of our editors.


Please note that 5310 Publishing only accepts unsolicited manuscript submissions through our electronic system.

What we are looking for in 2022 / 2023:

 We publish adult, young adult (16+), and new adult fiction. This is what we are currently looking for:

  • ✅ Fantasy: Any can apply, but those are the subgenres/themes we really want in 2022/2023:

    • ​World where technology took over (Black Mirror), Parallel universes, fringe science (Fringe TV show), time travel, low fantasy, urban fantasy, dying earth (NOT VIRUSES), historical, lost worlds, dystopian, futuristic, utopia, romance, etc.

    • Action and adventure: We mainly want disasters, expeditions, survival, anything with space and aliens, treasure hunts, and/or with romantic elements.

    • We don't want: zombies, vampires, witches, dragons, and dark fantasy.

  • ❤️ Romance: Any can apply, but those are the subgenres/themes we really want in 2022/2023:

    • We are mainly looking for historical, contemporary and romantic suspense novels.

    • We also accept romantic comedies, LGBTQ+, young adult/new adult romance, etc.

    • If you don't see your romance genre, please apply.

    • We don't want: erotica, sports, military, gothic, western, religious, or vampires.​

  • ​✅ Thriller & Suspense: Any can apply, but those are the subgenres/themes we really want in 2022/2023:
    • We are mainly looking for romantic suspenses, spy thrillers, action thrillers, and crime thrillers.
    • We also accept psychological thrillers, cozy mysteries, historical mysteries, heist, conspiracy theories, revenge.
    • We don't want: detailed police procedurals, legal thrillers set in courtrooms, locked room thrillers, noir, horror, stories that are violent, and supernatural thrillers.

⭐️ All LGBTQ+ voices are welcome, especially #OwnVoices. 🏳️‍🌈
🌎 All voices and stories are welcome, from anywhere in the world, especially from Canadians. 🇨🇦

🚫5310 Publishing currently does not assess erotica, horror, scripts, or comic books. We do not consider short story collections, anthologies, poems, or individual stories. We do not accept Middle Grade or Children's books.

Our guidelines:

Please note:

  • We accept submissions and publish titles worldwide, but submissions from Canadian authors are especially welcome. 

  • We require 50,000 to 120,000 words for all genres.

  • All submissions need to be well-written and engaging.

  • We are looking for new and original voices with great stories to tell and great things to share.

  • We will only contact you after a manuscript submission if we think your writing is strong, your story is entertaining and engaging, and if we believe there is commercial potential.

  • We send rejection letters if your story is not a good fit; if you do get rejected, we will not give you a reason why.

  • We do not re-publish disputed titles or titles from other publishers.

  • We do not re-publish self-published titles.

  • We may take up to nine months to get back to you.


  1. Your submission will be automatically rejected if you don't follow our instructions.

  2. File must be a double-spaced PDF.

  3. Use 12 to 14pt, and an easy to read font, such as Helvetica, Arial, or Times New Roman.

  4. On the cover page, please include:​​

    1. Your name​

    2. Phone number

    3. Email address

    4. Title of the work

    5. Genre and word count.

  5. Minimum 50 pages, or the entire manuscript. Please upload enough to give us a clear picture of your story.

How to submit

  1. Open our online manuscript submission form.

  2. Fill in the requested information.

  3. Click submit before closing.

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