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Publish with us!

It can be challenging for writers and even existing authors to get noticed in front of publishers. That's why we created an easy to navigate and straightforward online submission system. Since 2020, our system has allowed authors of all qualifying genres to have their work considered by one of our editors.


AUTHORS — Please note that 5310 Publishing only accepts unsolicited manuscript submissions through our electronic system, do not email us!


Please read our instructions when applying.

Only submit one manuscript at a time!

Please click here for more information.

Literary Agents

Please refer to our agent page for more information about what genres we publish and how you can email us.

Agents, please click here for more information.

Do you have any questions?

Learn more about us, our mission, and our commitment to change the world with our books: About 5310 Publishing

Learn more our efforts to better represent and give a voice to those who are part of minority groups that are often underrepresented and silenced: Read more about Diversity, Disability, and Inclusion.

Do you have even more questions? Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions Page (Publishing FAQ)

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