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Publish your book(s) with us!

It can be challenging for writers and even existing authors to get noticed in front of publishers. That's why we created an easy to navigate and straightforward online submission system. Since 2020, our submission system has allowed authors of all genres to have their work considered by our editors (Eric and Alex). Please note that 5310 Publishing only accepts unsolicited manuscript submissions through our electronic system, do not email us.



Please read our instructions. Only submit one manuscript at a time!

Adult Fiction


Any of the following genres:


ROMANCE (Historical and Contemporary)




Action & Adventure

LGBTQ+ Romance

We require 50,000 to 140,000 words for all adult fiction genres.


Any of the following genres:

ROMANCE (Contemporary)





Coming-of-Age (contemporary)

Action & Adventure

LGBTQ+ Romance

We require 45,000 to 120,000 words for all young adult fiction genres.

We require 45,000 to 135,000 words for all new adult fiction genres.

YA Fiction
Themes & Tropes

Common Themes & Tropes

What we are looking for in 2023 changed since our last round. You may query your manuscript again this year!

MANUSCRIPT THEMES / TROPES - Your book doesn’t need any of those elements to qualify, but if you have at least one of them, you may have a higher chance of getting picked since these are some of the topics we really want to publish at the moment. But again, it is not a requirement.

For all genres:

  • Stories with a Black character (we really, really, really want an African American as the main character)

  • Stories that explore subjects like racism, homophobia, etc., challenge stereotypes and mainstream culture.

  • A character with a disability (main or secondary character with autism, dyslexia, ADHD, BDD, mobility, visual, hearing, learning, or other)

  • Original thoughts and ideas.

  • Anything with artificial intelligence, AI, AGI, AR, VR, Robots, and alike.

  • We love Science and Technology, Fringe Science, Parallel Universes, Weird But Interesting (Comparable TV shows: Fringe, Lost, Revolution, The 100, Timeless, FlashForward, Continuum, Heroes, Stranger Things, Under The Dome, Lost, I-Land, )

  • Worlds where technology took over (Comparable TV shows: Westworld, Black Mirror, Upload, The Matrix (movie), The Feed)

Examples of Common Romance tropes:

Interracial, Love at first sight, Enemies to Lovers, Second Chance, Love with the unnoticed, Friends to Lovers, Fake Relationship, Forbidden Love, Opposites Attract, Small Town Romance, Bodyguard Romance, Cinderella Romance, Arranged Marriage, Fish Out of Water, Secret Relationship, Summer Romance, Travel Romance, Coming of Age, Amnesia, LGBTQ+, Single Parent, etc.

Examples of Common Science Fiction tropes:

Artificial Intelligence, Cyberpunk, Time Travel, Alien Invasion, First Contact, Parallel Universes, Space Colonization, Time Loop Trap, Alternate History, Hard-boiled Detective (futuristic). Robot uprising, Galactic Empires, Faster-Than-Light Travel, Cloning, Genetic Engineering, Superpowers, Virtual Reality, Nanotechnology, Utopian Society, Alien Abduction, Mind Control, Teleportation, Terraforming, Posthuman Evolution, Cyborgs, Telekinesis, Interdimensional Travel, Time Paradoxes, Romance with Artificial Intelligence, Aliens, Between Worlds, Soft Science Fiction, Science-Fantasy Hybrid, etc.

Examples of Common Thriller, Suspense, and Mystery tropes:

Technological threat, International conspiracy, Cold case investigation, Whistleblower, Stranded, Psychological thriller, Mind games, Revenge plot, Cat and mouse game, Heist, Hostage situation, Conspiracy, Wrongfully accused, The MacGuffin, Stalker, Trapped community, Whodunit, Small-town murder, Missing person, double-cross, hidden past, the sleeper agent, secret societies, amateur sleuth, cozy mystery, undercover operations, unsolvable cases, blackmail, race against time, Serial Killer, Thriller/Horror Hybrid, Betrayal, Psycho, Medical Thriller, Witness Protection, Identity Theft, Evil Twin, Government Cover-up, Cybercrime, Dark Family Secrets, Amateur Detective, Vigilante Justice, Man on the Run, Blackmail, Kidnapping, etc.

Examples of Common Fantasy tropes:

Futuristic fantasy, space exploration, Science-Fantasy Hybrid, The chosen one, prophecy, magical school, hidden identity, cursed hero, epic quest, ancient prophecy, rebellions, lost civilizations, hero's journey, alternate history, curse, dark lord, Magical Realms, Quest for Power, Good vs. Evil, Magic in the Real World, other hidden worlds, action & adventure, etc.

Examples of Common Romantic Fantasy tropes:

Opposites attract, Love curse, Sacrifice for love, Forbidden love, Magical bond, Love triangle, Reluctant hero/heroine, Fairy tale romance, Time-travel romance, Love spell, Reincarnated love, Soulmates, Prince/Princess Charming, Beauty and the Beast, True Love's Kiss, Love Between Different Social Classes, etc.

What we don't want 🛑


  • If your book does not meet our word-count requirements.

  • If your book is incomplete or not edited.


  • We don’t want books with weird, hard-to-pronounce, ultra-exotic names, especially the main characters. (e.g., Axwhyzee, Elrohire, Grimvenger, etc.)

  • Steampunk, epic/dark fantasy, sorcery, Wiccan, pagan, horror, Weird West & Western Fantasy, Military Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Religious, Gothic, Sports Fiction, Erotica, detailed police procedurals, and legal thrillers set in courtrooms.

  • We don’t really care for witches, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and dragons as the main theme (although it’s OK if they are side characters in a fantasy world.)

  • Please, no COVID-19, viruses, or other pandemic themes.


  • 5310 Publishing does not assess erotica, horror, scripts, or comic books.

  • We do not consider short story collections, anthologies, poems, or individual stories.

  • We do not publish Middle Grade, Picture Books, or Children’s books.

  • We do not re-publish disputed titles or titles from other publishers.

  • We do not re-publish self-published titles (Kindle and Wattpad included.)

We don't want


INSTRUCTIONS: Please read our instructions and guidelines on this page to make sure your manuscript fits what we are currently looking for before you send your manuscript.

On the first page, the Title Page:

- Please include your name, phone number, email address, the title of the work, genre, word count, and your country of residence on the first page of your document.

On the second page: Please include your query letter.

On the third page:

- Please include a short book blurb OR a chapter-by-chapter synopsis OR a full manuscript synopsis (pick one).

Note: a synopsis is a FULL OUTLINE OF THE COMPLETE PLOT OF YOUR BOOK, it includes a beginning, middle, and how it ends. A synopsis is NOT a sales pitch or an open-ended blurb. Please include how it ends!!

On the last page:

- Start your manuscript on the last page.

- Change the font to size 14.

- Double-space it (click here to see how).

- Change the font to a SANS SERIF font, such as Helvetica, Arial, Futura, or Open Sans. — Please do not use serif fonts such as Courier, Times New Roman, Georgia, Comic Sans, Garamond, etc.

* File must be "Saved As…" a double-spaced PDF OR a double-spaced Word file. (PDF preferred) *

How to Submit:

- Open our online manuscript submission form.

- Fill in the requested information.

- Click submit before closing (if you close the tab, your progress won't be saved).

Upload your MS

Join us in changing the world!

5310 Publishing is home to original and talented voices who want to cause a positive impact. We help writers who want to help others. If you are committed to helping the world and your local community as much as we are, then join us.

Please select the appropriate form to submit your manuscript.

2018 to 2022 submissions: You may reapply in 2023.

About 5310

Do you have any questions?

Learn more about us, our mission, and our commitment to change the world with our books: About 5310 Publishing

Learn more about our efforts to better represent and give a voice to those who are part of minority groups that are often underrepresented and silenced: Read more about Diversity, Disability, and Inclusion.

Do you have even more questions? Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions Page (Publishing FAQ)

A Note on Book Banning

If you think your book will be banned in Texas, or in any other state, then absolutely query with us! The U.S. has a book-banning problem, and that shouldn’t stop you from publishing your book around the world. Books are meant to be challenging. We want to question harmful stereotypes and explore ideas that are so far unexplored. We want to break barriers. Books should talk about gender, race, and sexuality; and authors shouldn’t be afraid of exploring those issues.

Banned books
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