A Love for Doctor Mary Taylor

Romance by Ana. C. Sales

by Ana C. Sales


When Mary Taylor met Paul, everything changed.

Well-known and admired, Doctor Mary is a general surgeon who wouldn’t change anything about her life. Paul is a rich, handsome, and sexy lawyer. Respected in his profession, he lives in a massive penthouse in one of the wealthier areas of town.

Both are attractive, talented, successful... and single. When Mary and Paul meet, their worlds turn upside down. Every time they look at each other, there is an intense fire they can’t control.

However, they don’t want to be together. Both are happy single and concentrating on their occupations, but this is not nature’s plan... instead, life keeps forcing them together. Are they destined to fall in love?

This new relationship seems perfect. What could possibly go wrong?

Another exciting novel by author Ana C. Sales. Sales is the author of the memoir A Ponte Que Eu Não Atravessei, the historical romance The Greystones: Fall in love with them, and the contemporary romance A Love for Doctor Mary Taylor. Ana C. Sales has been published globally in multiple languages.

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Ana Sales's other books

The Greystones: Fall in love with them (Historical romance) — Lots of passion and excitement in this breathtaking romance. Adele and Michael love each other, but must fight against the prejudice of London's high society. Will Michael let go of his traditions and love Adele back?

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Ana C. Sales

About Ana C. Sales

Ana C. Sales was born and lives in Goiânia, Brazil with her husband. Ana has four children.

Ana is the author of the autobiography "A Ponte que Eu Não Atravessei," the romance novels "The Greystones - Fall in Love with Them," and "A Love for Doctor Mary Taylor," published internationally in multiple languages.

Books by Ana C. Sales

A Love for Doctor Mary Taylor

A Love for Doctor Mary Taylor

The Greystones: Fall in Love with Them.

The Greystones: Fall in Love with Them.

Author: Ana C. Sales

212 Pages

Adult Fiction
Romance | Contemporary Romance
Romance | Action and Adventure
Medical | Lawyer | Rom-com

Paperback ISBN: 9781990158261
Ebook ISBN: 9781990158278

Published by 5310 Publishing
Publication date: 2021-November-16