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When Two Stars Collide

Young Adult Contemporary Romance

by Cheryl Eager


High school seniors Cin and Henri, seemingly worlds apart, find themselves drawn together by a twist of fate. Cin is a half-Japanese rock musician whose enigmatic aura hides a world of secrets. Tattoos, long hair, piercings, and pet snakes make him the enigma of his 90210 high school. But beneath his tough exterior lies a dark history and a burning desire for revenge against his wicked stepfather, guided by the ethereal presence of his late Japanese father, his guiding star. 

Then there's Henri, an innocent TV star sheltered by her manager-mother. Destiny intervenes as Cin and Henri cross paths during a school production of Cinderella, sparking an unlikely friendship. A simple practice kiss kindles a connection that transforms their lives.

As the stars align, their fairy-tale journey takes an unexpected turn.  Cin's hidden truths, once carefully guarded, suddenly come to light, creating unforeseen challenges in their relationship. But as secrets and fears threaten to keep them apart, can Cin and Henri overcome the obstacles and create a new, enchanting story? 

Discover a gripping tale of love, destiny, and the strength to overcome in this must-read young adult novel.

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When Two Stars Collide


When Two Stars Collide

Large Print

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When Two Stars Collide


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Praise & Reviews

"Two lost souls find each other in this emotional, gender-swapped novel inspired by “Cinderella.” This passionate, sexy, angst-filled story will appeal to romance readers who appreciate strong characterization. An intense and absorbing tale of first love." —Kirkus Reviews

"Kept me turning pages, I was fully engaged with the plot." –Early Reader Review

"Cheryl Eager did a really good job drawing believable complex characters that felt real. Even their less-flattering emotions felt right to me. There were several times where Cin and Henri made me want to stand up and cheer as they grew and got stronger." –Early Reader Review

"The characters in some way struggle with confidence, identity, and figuring out their place in the world. It's validating for those who share similar experiences." –Beta Reader Review

"The story went places I did not expect at all. I just couldn't stop reading. It was sad, hopeful, and moving." –Early Reader Review

"I spent hours at a time reading, and could not put the story down. It had everything you need for the perfect book-suspense, struggle, and romance." –Early Reader Review

Cheryl Eager

About Cheryl Eager

Cheryl Eager's books carry a theme of love, hope, optimism, and overcoming tough obstacles—things our world needs! Cheryl has people from around the world that contact her after feeling touched by something she wrote and/or thanking her for giving them a fresh perspective with her books.

Romance Books by Cheryl Eager

When Two Stars Collide

When Two Stars Collide

A Kiss to Wake Me

A Kiss to Wake Me

Opposites attract when two teenage superstars unexpectedly fall in love in Hollywood. A simple kiss kindles a connection, transforming their lives. Hidden truths, once carefully guarded, suddenly come to light. Can their relationship survive?

Hardcover: 9781998839094
Paperback: 9781998839100
Ebook/Kindle: 9781998839087

YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Contemporary
YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / General

358 Pages

Author: Cheryl Eager
Editor: Alex Williams
Cover and Interior Design: Eric Williams

The 1st Edition of When Two Stars Collide was released in March 2024

Narrative themes explored may include: Coming of age; Identity and belonging; Teenage fiction: Relationship stories, Romance, love, or friendship; Family & home stories; Teenage personal and social topics: Dating, relationships, romance and love; Self-awareness and self-esteem; anxiety, depression & self-harm; Other Qualifiers: Los Angeles; Hollywood; Early 21st Century (2020 to c 2029); Interest age: from 15 years; Relating to adolescence / teenage years.

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