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New fantasy novel full of magic, machines, and adventure in the old west.

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

The dystopian fantasy novel, Honey Beaumont, is about a land destroyed by war, at a time that mirrored the excitements and dangers of the Old West, at place where both magic and machine collide.

A hero called Honey Beaumont rises to save the day. Honey joins The Adventurer's Guild, which stands for justice and serves the common man, provided they can pay. With newfound skills and friends in tow, only Honey can find the strength and courage to return to the man who tried to destroy him, and make things right for his people.

Embarking on a journey of a lifetime, being a hero is harder than he could have ever imagined, but at least he has his friends by his side to help him save the day.

Sara says she couldn't be happier with her release, and when asked if she had any advice for new authors she said "Keep on writing. Write every day. It won't all be gold, but you'll keep getting better."

You would like to check her exclusive interview on the publisher's website. Click here to watch the interview.

Sara Bushway of Bethalto, Illinois is a budding author in the world of fiction. A recent graduate of the SIUE majoring in Psychology and minoring in Literature, she is currently a substance abuse counselor at the Gateway Foundation. Her hobbies include writing, playing video games, knitting, crocheting, painting, and tabletop gaming.

The owner of 5310 Publishing, Eric Williams, says Honey Beaumont is their first dystopian fiction, and "I couldn't be more excited to release such an original work. I am so excited to bring magic back into this world."

5310 Publishing is home to original and skilled authors who want to cause a positive impact. We help writers who want to help, encourage, and heal others, and publish stories that readers can relate to. Always looking for people who want to transform society and their community, 5310 believes that innovation starts with us, and only we have the capability to build a better future.

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