Agents only - Publish with us.

Our system allows agents representing authors of all genres to have their work considered by one of our editors quicker.

Agents only: You can also email publishwithus@5310publishing.com if you have issues or don't have a Google account.

We accept submissions from agents year-round.

What we are looking for:

5310 publishes a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction genres for adults and young adults -- and we are always looking for new stories and authors to add to our list. We work with all genres.

—> 5310 Publishing currently does not assess erotica, horror, scripts, or comic books.

" Biographies and Memoirs must be outstanding, tell an exceptional story, and/or talk about relevant and influential people in the community; especially those who changed other people's lives for the better.

General guidelines

Please note:​

  • All submissions need to be well-written and engaging.

  • We are looking for new and original voices with great stories to tell and great things to share.

  • We send rejection letters if your story is not a good fit.

  • We do not re-publish disputed titles or titles from other publishers.

  • We do not re-publish self-published titles (unless you are a best-seller, and have lots of reviews)

  • We may take up to 30 days to get back to you.


  1. File must be a double-spaced PDF.

  2. Use 12 to 14pt, and an easy to read font.

  3. On the cover page, please include:​​

    1. Author's name​, Title of the work, Genre, Word count.

    2. Agent's Name, Phone number, Email address, Agency's name.

  4. Minimum 50 pages, or the entire manuscript. Please upload enough to give us a clear picture of your story.

How to submit

  1. Open our online manuscript submission form by clicking here or by clicking the button.

  2. Fill in the requested information in the form.

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