Rachel Le Mesurier

Rachel Le Mesurier

Historical Romance

Rachel and her family live a quiet life on her home island of Guernsey, where she enjoys teaching sign language, singing, reading, and writing. Her debut trilogy, "The Musician's Promise" series, is coming in 2022.

Artie's Courage

Artie's Courage

A Hero's Hope (Book 2)

A Hero's Hope (Book 2)

Sofia's Freedom (Book 3)

Sofia's Freedom (Book 3)

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About Rachel Le Mesurier

Rachel and her family live a quiet life on her home island of Guernsey, where she enjoys teaching sign language, singing, reading, and writing.

Rachel has a degree in English Literature and specialized in literature from other cultures, Post-Colonial, 19th Century, and Gothic literature.

She loves most genres of writing. Her debut trilogy, "The Musician's Promise," is coming in 2022.

Rachel is fighting to change the world

Rachel is a sign language teacher running her own business and giving lessons to children who have a medical need to learn to sign, such as hearing impairments, learning difficulties, speech, or communication issues.

Rachel also gives free support, classes, and resources to their families. "The more people these children can communicate with, the better!"

Rachel's writing is

In "The Musician's Promise" series, Rachel wants to challenge a lot of the harmful stereotypes we still see in today's society.

"Women can be powerful heroes. Men should never feel ashamed to express their emotions." Rachel also says that "even the strongest of people can struggle with mental health - it doesn't make you weak, and it's never too late to get help."

Even though her novel is set over a century ago, the issues that she presents are still very present in today's society. She aims to write characters that readers can identify and empathize, who make the reader think, laugh and cry as they share their adventures.

Rachel hopes to inspire them to stand up and challenge the same real-world issues those characters face.

When Rachel writes, is because something moved her to tell a story. "Sometimes it's something that has made me laugh or brightened my day, and I want to share that with other people so that they can feel it too. Other times, it's something that has moved me to tears or anger, and I want to bring it to the world's attention so that together we can stand up and change it."

What's next for Rachel

She wants to continue helping people as much as she can, whether that's in the form of advice and support for children with special needs, training assistance animals to help improve people's quality of life, or simply spreading messages of love and tolerance in the world via any means she can.

Rachel often says, "it may seem small, but tiny actions from one person can have a powerful impact on someone else's life in ways we cannot imagine at the time. The little things count!"


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