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Sofia's Freedom

A Gripping and Adventurous Tale filled with Passion and Heartbreak

by Rachel Le Mesurier


For seven months, Esperanza and Artie have lived in wedded bliss on their little farm, reveling in the success of Artie’s music career. Married life has been kind to them. Experience has taught them to keep an eye out for danger, but no such threats appear—not even from Don Raúl, Esperanza’s jilted fiancé.

However, their peace is not destined to last. When Artie receives an invitation to perform at a wealthy doña’s social event in a nearby city, he finds the extra money impossible to refuse. Promising to return soon, he leaves his pregnant wife behind—but Esperanza quickly realizes that Artie is walking straight into danger, and there’s nothing she can do to warn him.

As bloody revolution erupts all around her, Esperanza must face her worst nightmares if she is to survive. Alone and terrified, her salvation comes in an unlikely form... but will she be able to accept it, knowing that her beloved musician will never be able to fulfill his promise?


After marrying the love of his life, everything takes a turn for the better for Artie. He has a comfortable home, a baby on the way, and best of all, he has Esperanza. Life is wonderful.

However, Artie’s idyllic world does not last long. The whispers of revolution grow louder every day, turning to roars as the country he loves descends into chaos. Before long, his brothers Ed and Alejandro go missing in action, and Diego is racing headlong into a bloody massacre, oblivious to the horrors that await him. 

Artie has one chance to save his brother from certain death, but it means becoming an unwilling soldier in a battle beyond the wildest horrors of his imagination. Armed only with a revolver and his prayers, he throws himself into the fray—with deadly consequences.

He promised Esperanza he would come back. He needs to get home, whatever it takes. If Artie stands any chance of survival, he will need to learn to fight—and fast. But when the moment comes, will he be able to pull the trigger, knowing it will end an innocent man’s life?

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Praise & Reviews

"A rip-roaring, romantic adventure that is impossible to put down." - Starred Review

"A well-written and well-researched story against the background of early 20th century Mexico." - D. Wells, author

"Class intrigue, dynastic maneuvering, and dangerous politics against growing civil unrest in pre-revolutionary Mexico. Can an unlikely friendship blossom into more? I couldn't put it down, and nor will you!" - Jennifer Nugée, editor

"This beautifully written novel will have you gripped right from the start." - Melissa Hoskins, author

"A riveting peek into a time of Mexico's history where huge change, excitement and danger are on the horizon. Hugely engaging characters really pulled me in." - Starred Review

"I fell in love with the characters and laughed and cried with them all the way on their exciting journey. They feel like my best friends. It was wonderful to read about this little-known part of Mexican history that happened before the revolution. I cannot wait to read what will happen next." - Starred Review

"A book that will make you weep, rage, and fall in love with an array of characters so realistic they might step off the page. An excellent novel." - Jessica Leather, author

Rachel Le Mesurier

About Rachel Le Mesurier

Rachel is the author of ARTIE’S COURAGE, A HERO’S HOPE, and SOFIA’S FREEDOM. Led by strong female characters, The Musician's Promise Series turns the common damsel in distress trope on its head. Based on real historical events, this thrilling page-turner story of love and courage in the face of adversity follows characters on an emotional journey through laughter, tears, passion, and heartbreak.

Rachel and her family live a quiet life on her home island of Guernsey, where she enjoys teaching sign language, singing, reading, and writing. Rachel has a degree in English Literature and specialized in literature from other cultures, post-colonial, 19th century, and gothic literature.

In The Musician's Promise, Rachel wants to challenge harmful stereotypes, proving that women can be powerful heroes and that men should never feel ashamed to express their emotions. She aims to write characters that readers can identify and empathize, who make the reader think, laugh, and cry as they share their adventures.

Books by Rachel Le Mesurier

Artie's Courage (The Musician's Promise Series Book 1)

Artie's Courage (The Musician's Promise Series Book 1)

A Hero's Hope (The Musician's Promise Series Book 2)

A Hero's Hope (The Musician's Promise Series Book 2)

Sofia's Freedom (The Musician's Promise Series Book 3)

Sofia's Freedom (The Musician's Promise Series Book 3)

SOFIA'S FREEDOM - A Gripping and Adventurous Tale Filled with Passion and Heartbreak
by Rachel Le Mesurier
214 Pages

Adult Fiction
Romance / Historical Romance
Historical Fiction / 20th Century
Romance / Action and Adventure

Themes: Historical romance, Romance, Historical adventure fiction, Historical fiction, Love and relationships, Social issues, 1910 to 1917 (Mexican Revolutionary period)

Hardcover: 9781990158643
Paperback: 9781990158520
Large Print: 9781990158681
Ebook: 9781990158537

Published by 5310 Publishing
Publication date: October 04, 2022

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