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R. Loomis

R. Loomis

YA Romantic Fantasy

Rebecca Loomis writes young adult fiction with a focus on fantasy, dystopian, and science fiction, with a hint of romance.

Books by R. Loomis

Touch of Kindness

Touch of Kindness

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About R. Loomis

Rebecca Loomis writes young adult fiction with a focus on fantasy, dystopian, and science fiction, with a hint of romance. She lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, with her husband Greg and her Goldendoodle Treble. Loomis holds a degree in music education and teaches in Edmond, writing books in her free time. Most Saturdays you can catch her drinking hot tea with six packets of honey and writing while listening to video game soundtracks and modern classical hits on loop.

“I write when the words won’t go away—like a hammering in my mind begging to be let out. For every dream, there’s a story waiting to be written, a world to be created.”

Clean & Wholesome Romantic Fantasy

"I believe a good story doesn't need the filler of inappropriate language or explicit scenes, especially in the young adult context. When I was a teenager, I would have given anything to have a book I could dive into the story and not be bothered by content that would make worried my parents would see. My writing is a safe haven for readers who want the fantasy, want the romance, but not the PG-13 or R rated scenes."

About A Touch of Kindness

Dori's life changes when she meets a strange girl at school who is running away. Helping this girl will spark a chain of events that will change her life. Dori is captured and taken to the Otherworld, a place full of magic and fantastical creatures. She learns the girl she helped was betrothed to a prince, and now Dori must fill the void and marry His Highness in the girl's stead. Dori’s mission becomes clear: get back home no matter what. However, getting back to the Mortalworld will be harder than she could have ever expected.

What Touch of Kindness is all about

While Touch of Kindness started as a literal dream, it turned into something much more… the book has the overarching theme of kindness. It may seem simple, but in every part of life, being kind is essential. Each person can bring a little joy to this world to those around them just by showing some kindness.

Dori, my main character, has what the Otherworld describes as a magical gift, and while parts of her gift are based in magic, the core of it is something anyone can do. It is my hope that this story and Dori's perspective will influence the reader to want to help others even if it isn't easy. Because if every person showed a bit of kindness, this world would be a much better place for everyone.

Contact R. Loomis

For media inquiries or bulk purchases, please contact 5310 Publishing at contactus@5310publishing.com

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