Andrea Bougiouklis

Andrea Bougiouklis

Andrea Bougiouklis is a writer and a filmmaker from Toronto, Canada. Her debut dystopian young adult fiction, "The Art of Becoming a Traitor," is coming in 2022.


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Books by Andrea Bougiouklis

The Art of Becoming a Traitor (2022)

The Art of Becoming a Traitor (2022)

About Andrea Bougiouklis

From Toronto, Canada. She is currently a student at Ryerson University, and is actively pursuing all opportunities in her respective industries.

Author and a filmmaker, writing her debut novel at 19 years old, Andrea is only at the beginning of what is sure to be a long and prosperous career in the creative industries.

Andrea's writing makes people think

Andrea writes the lives of others - displaying their feelings, sentiments, and humanity so that when they experience my work, they see themselves.

She says "taking prevalent problems and showcasing them through fiction allows people to not only better understand the world around them, but to better understand themselves, too."

She is changing the world by expanding the realm of possibility, and by creating worlds in which people can become both lost and found.

Andrea is making the world a better place

Educate. Provide resources. Be present.

There is a lot going on right now, and there always will be. It can be overwhelming, confusing, or both. I always make sure that I am making information as accessible as I can, and I always try to keep people relatively updated on things that are happening.

The most important thing that I do to improve things around me lies in how I provide resources and information to people. Nobody should feel lost or that they don’t have somewhere that they can go.


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What's next for Andrea

Bougiouklis has big plans for the future. "The idea of being able to help others through my own growth is very important to me," she says.

Andrea wants to establish foundations that will give people better access to education and to work.

She also wants to help further discussions and provide resources for issues surrounding mental health, including more stigmatized mental illnesses and eating disorders. Andrea wants these things to be looked at less as philanthropic endeavours, and more as being a decent person.

"If you have the resources, and you have the luxury of choice, you should be making the decision to help people who don’t have that. Things don’t change unless we do, and by helping people, things can start to move."


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