Harisson Shaws

Harisson Shaws


Harisson Shaws is from London, UK. His debut novel, The Lonesome Road, is coming in 2022.

Books by Harisson Shaws

The Lonesome Road (2022)

The Lonesome Road (2022)

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About Harisson Shaws

Harisson Shaws is a London native, a dreamer and a story teller.

His writing focuses on the individual, the struggle one faces when fighting the world and the heavy toll it can take on a person’s psyche. Hoping to help those who feel abandoned and misunderstood by the rest of the world.

His debut novel, The Lonesome Road, is coming in 2022.

Harisson is trying to connect with others

Harisson is providing help to those who need it. "To some, even a simple hello or a smile will suffice. Do not underestimate even the slightest effort of kindness and understanding. Right now, I am doing all I can, be it talking to people who feel they are pinned in a corner, helping those who battle dark thoughts. At least now, with the technology we have, we can connect to people and help more."

This past year and a half has been mad, twisting the world and showing how fragile and vulnerable we as humans really are, that we shouldn't take anything for granted.

"In these difficult times, some of us lost loved ones, lost our jobs and in that process started to lose ourselves along the way. But with the loss suffered, now more than ever, we need to unite."

Harisson's goals with his writing

We all take in the stories that are written, as sort of a sanctuary, a place to escape when the world misunderstands and judges us too quickly. We seek understanding and compassion and often we find it in the written word, be it in heroes that are placed in similar situations we find ourselves in or stories that create worlds where we just can escape even for a brief moment.

Harisson struggled with depression for years, even standing on the edge looking down. His first story that he wrote started just about the time he decided to fight back against the dark thoughts and take his own life in his own hands.

"Throughout the writing process one singular thought led me, to give not just a voice to those who felt the same as me, missing understanding and compassion, to show them they are not alone, that no matter what happens in this struggle, in this fight, they do not stand alone."

Harisson believes as a writer he can not just give that comfort and escape some are looking for in books and stories, but as well the support to those who need it.

Harisson wants to let them know that even if it looks dark right now, there is light waiting at the end of that tunnel. He wants to raise awareness about how mental health is important and how "we, as human beings, need to be more understanding not just about mental health, but also about our brothers, sisters, friends and family. We need to offer our understanding, not pity, to those who need it."

What's next for Harisson?

"I want to help writers who struggle to break through, as there are lot of us. In the past year I discovered so many good writers with so many good stories to tell that I feel passionate to help them to get exposure and recognition they deserve.

I will also continue this campaign of kindness I started, as I feel in debt to do my part, help those who feel alone and abandoned, to show they are not alone. I will always make sure that their voices are heard, that their struggles are never forgotten, as to me those people are warriors who went through hell. The scars they carry are branded inside, and each one tells a tale worth telling.

I will continue to provide support, be it in stories I write, the work I do beside it as we all deserve a chance to fight back."


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