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Young Adult Dystopian Author Sara Bushway Speaks with Ardain Isma About Her Upcoming Fantasy Book

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Illinois-based author interviewed by CSMS Magazine about her upcoming and enchanting post-apocalyptic western dystopian fantasy, Honey Beaumont.

Sara Bushway, a dystopian fiction author, talks with Ardain Isma about “what it takes to be relevant in the overcrowded literary field” and also about her upcoming novel, Honey Beaumont: An Enchanting Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Western Fantasy Filled With Magic, Machines, and Adventure.

Sara was delighted to get interviewed by Dr. Isma, who called Sara “an impeccable writer,” and chatted about the story and protagonists. Sara also talked about how the sequel of Honey Beaumont will probably be complete by the end of next year (December 2023), and how she is excited about the new hardcover edition.

Sara Bushway’s Honey Beaumont is a coming-of-age speculative dystopian fiction book about an unlikely hero who was born out of servitude. Honey Beaumont, our hero, strived to do right by everyone and see justice prevail no matter the consequence. He dreamt of the intrepid Adventurer’s Guild and helping those who can’t help themselves.

Every day he persevered the wrath of Byron, his owner. Helping those around him doesn’t fill Byron’s pockets, bringing out anger in his boss. One day, Byron brutally attacks Honey after a wealthy client offers to help Honey leave the life of servitude and be free. After the attack, Honey was scarred, disfigured, and with a grudge. He begrudgingly left his home and the love of his life behind to move into a new and luxurious home.

Honey mingles amongst those in the new house and learns about the world’s inequalities, especially between the nobodies and humans. But with his new owner forbidding him from being independent, Honey has no choice but to leave this new luxurious life behind.

Freedom for Honey meant joining the Adventure’s Guild, becoming a hero, and helping his family leave the horrible place he used to call home. Will Honey be strong enough to take on Byron? Only time will tell. Embarking on a journey of a lifetime, being a hero is more challenging than Honey ever imagined, but at least he has his friends by his side to help him save the day.

Readers can watch the full interview on YouTube or below.

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