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Ardain Isma talks with Cheryl Eager about her latest young adult romance novel, A Kiss To Wake Me

Cheryl Eager, author of the YA contemporary romance book, A Kiss To Wake Me, was interviewed by Ardain Isma, director of the CSMS Magazine; the interview aired on Friday, August 5.

Cheryl Eager is the author of “A Kiss to Wake Me,” a modern-day love story. When Jamie and Cara first lock eyes in the high school cafeteria, “love at first sight” is no longer just a cliché to either of them. Fans of romantic first love and those who desire to see first love withstand seemingly insurmountable obstacles will enjoy this sweet, yet intense novel.

Readers can watch the interview below or by clicking here.

A Kiss to Wake Me is a modern-day love story between Jamie and Cara. When the two first lock eyes in the high school cafeteria, “love at first sight” is no longer just a cliché to either of them. Their romance takes off at record speed but just as quickly crashes into a wall of disbelief when a figurative bomb is dropped into their lives, upending the world as they knew it: Cara is pregnant, even though she believed she was a virgin.

When these unforeseen circumstances threaten the couple’s future together, everything comes into question. Is Jamie the father of her baby? Will he still love her and the baby if he’s not? How did Cara even get pregnant? How could she possibly cope without him and his family, whom she has grown to love and depend on? Will Jamie and Cara’s love endure the hardships thrust so harshly upon them?

A Kiss To Wake Me is available from online retailers and in select bookstores in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. The book is available in hardcover, ebook, paperback, large print paperback, and as an audiobook.

About the author Cheryl Eager: Cheryl Eager's books carry a theme of love, hope, optimism, and overcoming tough obstacles—things our world needs! Cheryl has people from around the world that contact her after feeling touched by something she wrote and/or thanking her for giving them a fresh perspective with her books.

About CSMS Magazine: the official medium put forward by the Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies (CSMS), a nonprofit organization made up of academics and other professionals well versed in cultural and minority issues from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds in South Florida. These concerned citizens joined forces five years ago in an organized and constructive fashion to better help and serve the large disenfranchised minority populations.

About the publisher 5310 Publishing: 5310 Publishing is a family-owned business dedicated and committed to helping authors get their books published and discover new and original ways of promoting their stories and views in front of an audience. Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 5310 Publishing now specializes in speculative fiction, romance, and thriller books.


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